How to Have a Winter Staycation That’s Fun For the Whole Family

How would you like to spend quality time with your family this winter without breaking the bank? A “” is a great way to make memories on a budget, and since most of us are still experiencing cold February temperatures, why not stay warm with cozy, kid-friendly activities at home? We’ve put together a handful of our favorite “staycation” activities to keep everyone entertained.

5 Ways to Enjoy  A Winter “Staycation” With The Whole FamilyCT_sideimage_staycation_298x403

  1. Create a home spa. Instead of paying big bucks for luxury and relaxation, your family can enjoy a little R & R  in the comfort of your own home. If you have your own spa bath, that’s perfect, but a traditional bathtub will work as well. Light some candles, give massages, and pour in the bubble bath. Afterward, gather around the fireplace in big, comfy bathrobes while sipping hot chocolate. This is a great activity to save for the end of the day so that every member of the family can sleep soundly after the pampering.
  2. Throw a game night. Families that play together stay together. A “staycation” is the perfect time to indulge in some competitive family fun. Whether you decide to pull out the board games or grab a controller to play a round of video games, it’s an excellent opportunity to laugh and joke around with your loved ones.
  3. Cook as a family. Why not round up some helpful kitchen assistants this winter break? During your “staycation,” cooking together is an inexpensive and enjoyable way to make memories. Whether you recreate an old family recipe or tackle a brand new masterpiece, you’ll never forget the smiles, jokes, and laughter you enjoy with your beloved cooking staff. Besides, everyone loves to eat good food, and you’ll save money by choosing to stay in!
  4. Play in the snow. Instead of a pricey stay at a ski resort on a crowded mountain, use Mother Nature to your advantage by having fun in your own backyard or local area. Make snowmen, have a snowball fight, or take a couple sleds to a hilly park nearby. If there’s a skating rink in your area, rent skates and hit the ice as a family.
  5. Explore local tourist sites. A “staycation” is an ideal time to hit up all those local sites you’ve never had the time to visit. Check out museums, parks, activity centers, sports games, and other locales that pique your interest. Taking the time to learn more about your surroundings and enjoy what your town has to offer can make you and your family feel even more comfortable in the area you reside. Saves You Money on Your “Staycation”

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Are you planning a “staycation” this month with your family? Why did you choose a “staycation” over a traditional vacation?

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