Why Buying from Dell Refurbished is the Perfect Way to Celebrate Earth Day

CT_wideimage_WithBlogTitle_EarthDay_600x100Happy Earth Day!

We love our planet. It’s hands-down the most fascinating thing to which we’ve ever been exposed. We travel the globe to see sights we’ve never seen and wander outdoors when the sun shines, the flowers blossom and the temperatures rise. You can’t deny the happiness of a warm, beautiful day.

Today’s celebration allows us to acknowledge the value of our planet: the trees, the grass, the clouds and the sun. The world that gives us air to breathe deserves endless love and attention, so today is the perfect opportunity for every one of us to help make it a better place. Personally, I associate the term “going green” with recycling plastic bottles, picking up litter or opting for a more gas-efficient vehicle. But recently, I learned there was something else we can do to help the environment: buy refurbished electronics.
Dell Refurbished

That’s right. Buying refurbished devices is actually a great way to express your love for mother Earth. The use of refurbished technology can help reduce carbon emissions, conserve the earth’s natural resources and is known to reduce the use of landfills.

That’s why Dell Refurbished promotes the purchase of used electronics as an environmentally friendly option. Even better, while contributing to the health of our planet, you’ll also save a great deal of money and this doesn’t mean giving up the fancy features or functionality that a new device can provide.

Dell Refurbished uses the highest quality Dell computers and accessories and puts them through a rigorous visual and technical refurbishment process. Only systems that meet Dell’s high standards are sold, so you’re guaranteed top notch products for a price that won’t break the bank.

This Earth Day, think about how you can help the environment. If you’re currently looking for a new laptop or desktop computer, you have the opportunity to join a worldwide movement toward bettering our planet. Just one purchase of a refurbished device can make a difference.

If you aren’t convinced, don’t write it off just yet. Dell is offering FreeShipping.com members 40% off any item plus free ground shipping until 11:59 pm CST on April 24th. To access this deal, log in to your FreeShipping.com account and visit the Dell Refurbished page to unveil the exclusive code! Don’t forget that everything from Dell Refurbished also qualifies for 10% cash back when you shop through our site.

Here’s to shopping, saving and strengthening the Earth!

Dell Refurbished

Popular Devices by Dell Refurbished:

1. Optiplex 9010

Priced between $439 and $569 before coupon

Priced between $439 and $569 before coupon | Product Details


2. Optiplex 3010

Priced between $299 - $499 before coupon

Priced between $299 – $499 before coupon | Product Details


3. Optiplex 790

Priced between $229 - $299 before coupon

Priced between $229 – $299 before coupon | Product Details


4. Latitude E6430

Priced between $350 - $600 before coupon

Priced between $350 – $600 before coupon | Product Details


5. Latitude E6330

Priced between $400 - $500 before coupon

Priced between $400 – $500 before coupon | Product Details



6. Off Lease Dell Refurbished Monitors

Priced $59 - $279 before coupon

Priced $59 – $279 before coupon | Product Details


7. Off Lease Dell Refurbished Servers

server 1

Server 2

Priced between $1,100 – $4,000 before coupon | Product Details







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