We Found the Best Styles at Matt & Nat’s Huge Semi-Annual Spring Sale!

Summer is a great time to switch up your style and add some great new pieces! They can be as simple as a new pair of shoes, a new dress, or a new bag! If you’re on the hunt for a new bag, we found the perfect sale for you — Matt & Nat’s huge semi-annual Spring sale, which lasts until July 31!

Never heard of Matt & Nat? Now’s the time to get acquainted! Matt & Nat’s motto is “Live beautifully,” and everything they make lives up to that motto. All designs are made in sustainable and eco-friendly ways, not from leather or any other animal-based materials. Bags can be made from recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber, and cork — and all linings are made from 100%-recycled plastic bottles. Shopping at Matt & Nat is a great way to help the environment and pick up a great-looking bag at the same time!

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Back to Matt & Nat:

CT_sideimage_collage_M&N1We love this wallet called Central from their Dwell Collection! There are 5 different colors to choose from, with prices ranging from $42 to $49 (down from the original $70). Our personal favorite color is the Iris — it’s the perfect shade that can go with almost everything! We also love the clutch Robby from their Loom Collection, once was $85, and is now $59.50! The bright Poppy color is great, and it comes with a zippered flap, perfect for a nice dinner or a night out!

Crossbody bags are super popular right now, and Matt & Nat have plenty of options to choose from! Dreamed from the Dwell Collection can even double as a clutch! Originally $115, these bags are only $80.50 now! We love the Citrus color — it will add the ideal pop of color to any outfit you have! Another great crossbody option is the Blinkin from Dwell Collection.  Originally $125, the bag is now just $87.50 and can be worn on the shoulder or across the body! It has both a zippered and a snap closure, perfect for storing everything you need! With lots of color options, you’re sure to find one that’s just right for you.


Are you already back-to-school shopping? Matt & Nat have some great backpacks that will make sure you look fashionable on the way to class, like July from the Dwell Collection. Originally $150, now $105, the bag comes with a front zipper pocket, so you can quickly grab whatever you might need for class! Looking for something a little bolder? We love the Peltola backpack from the Loom Collection. It comes in a bright Poppy color, which works year-round. Originally $150, now only $105 — with savings like that, your pocketbook will look as good as you do!

Want something a little more traditional? How about the Mitsuko from the Vintage Collection? Originally only $140, the Nature color is now only $84.  If you’d prefer a different hue, take a look at the 3 other colors, on sale for only $98! This bag can also be worn as a crossbody, but we love it as a handbag!

Another great handbag that can be worn as a crossbody is Kite from the Dwell collection! Originally $150, now only $105, it’ll store whatever you need, and what a shape — it’ll work through the rest of summer and all the way into next spring!

These are only a few of the dozens of bags on sale at Matt & Nat right now, so make sure you head there to check out the rest! Don’t forget to log in if you’re a FreeShipping.com member to enjoy your 10% cash back, free shipping, and more! (Or give FreeShipping.com a try if you haven’t joined yet, and take advantage of all those savings yourself!)

Which bag do you plan on buying?

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