’Tis the Season to Eat: 5 Savvy Strategies to Save Money on Holiday Meals

holidayfood_mainOne of the best parts of the holiday season is the food. It’s no wonder we tend to pack on the pounds this time of year — tasty temptations are everywhere! Our favorite meals can provide some of the sweetest memories of holidays past. If you’re ready to whip up some of your family’s favorites this holiday season but want to save money in the process, we have some helpful tips.

5 Delicious Tips for Holiday Meals on a Budget

  1. Shop the sales. This is a no-brainer, but most of the items you will need for holiday meals may be on sale at local grocery stores. Take advantage of these slashed prices and start your holiday meal shopping early, utilizing the different weekly sales leading up to the major holidays to get everything you need.
  2. Ask for contributions.holidayfood_table If you’re hosting dinner at your house, don’t feel shy to enlist others to give you a helping hand. Even if it’s not a potluck because you’ll be providing most of the meal, consider asking your family and friends to bring an appetizer, dessert, or drink. This can lessen the load on your kitchen and wallet.
  3. Stick with in-season. As you’re preparing fruits or vegetables for your holiday meal, you can save a pretty dime by using produce that is in-season and local to the region you live in. You will normally find these options on sale throughout the holiday season.
  4. Buy in bulk. Big holiday meals require lots of food, so you may be able to cut some costs by purchasing supplies in bulk. This is especially true regarding holiday baking necessities. You may find bulk items at your local grocery store, mass merchandiser, or warehouse store.
  5. Simplify your menu. Keep it simple this holiday season, and you will inevitably save money. Limit your offerings when it comes to appetizers, main and side dishes, desserts, and drinks. Remember that less is more, and offering too many options can lead to waste.

There’s no need to spend more on holiday meals when you plan ahead and follow these savvy tips.

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