The Top 6 Ways Is an Online Shopper’s Best Friend

CT_wideimage_MemberBenefits_600x100We all have a shopping best friend — the one with the knack for finding the coolest stuff and the biggest savings. But it’s hard to take that friend online shopping, particularly if you like to shop late at night or at work or whenever the urge hits. No worries; we have the perfect suggestion: Your subscription! Seriously, with, you can always find exactly what you’re looking for — and the best possible deal on it!

Naturally, as a smart shopper, you’ll want more than just a bold declaration that we can help you save on all your shopping needs. With that in mind, here are the top 6 ways that is an online shopper’s best friend:

1. We’ll find you the lowest price on whatever you want, every time.  With our built-in price comparison tool, is an all-in-one pricing and savings hub! Just use our handy search bar to describe what you want, and our search engine will instantly show you the price of every item fitting your description at over 1,000 retailers. (It’ll also tell you which retailers are offering coupons that could lower your cost even more!) Even your shopping BFF can’t do that.

2. We are coupon hunters extraordinaire.  Like any good shopping friend, we always have the inside scoop on all the latest sales and most desirable coupons! Our database is wired to pull the best online deals into one easy-to-find spot, so whenever you check out your favorite stores on, you also see all the coupons they’re offering (including exclusive ones just for our subscribers!). Pick whichever offer you want to add to your automatic 10% cash back, click the link or copy the code, and watch your savings pile up!

3. Our cash-back offer is always a perfect 10.  Here’s one perk that no other cash-back site (or even your best shopping friend) can deliver — guaranteed 10% cash back at over 1,000 retailers. Other sites promise cash back, but their percentages change every day! We believe in offering the best, especially when it comes to cash back. Why settle for 1% cash back at Best Buy when you can get 10% cash back through us — and not just once in a while but consistently, by which we mean year-round. Better yet, your 10% cash back is on top of the deals and coupons you’re already using! Imagine how much you could save on that new HD Smart TV you want; it normally goes for $319.99 at Best Buy, but after your cash back, it’s under $300 — and who doesn’t love savings like that? (Plus, you get to look forward to a cash-back check in the mail every quarter — finally, mail that gives rather than takes money!)

4. We save you from having to buy all that extra stuff.  Of course you get free shipping (we are, after all). Most of our retailers offer free shipping at checkout, but what if a store makes you hit a certain threshold? You could buy things you don’t need so you can qualify, but why spend more than you want to? With, you can get rebates of up to $10 if you have to pay for shipping! Better yet: What if a store offers free standard shipping, but you absolutely must have your order in 2 days? Our shipping rebates cover expedited shipping, too! Just click our “Rebates” tab, then follow the easy directions! Ship away, shopaholic!

5. We’ll turn you into a fearless shopper.  So when that steal of a dress you found for $20 shows up, it’s too small. Worse, the store charges $10 for return shipping — totally not worth it! No need to fear: With, you have unlimited access to free return shipping via FedEx Ground®! Just go to our “Return Center” tab to print a shipping label, then drop your shipment off at any of over 7,600 FedEx® locations across the country. Voila, problem solved — at no charge to you!  (Can’t use FedEx Ground? Use our “Rebates” tab to claim a return shipping rebate.) Welcome to the gold standard in worry-free shopping!

6. Trade buyer’s remorse for peace of mind.  Don’t you hate buying something online, then seeing it advertised for less a couple days, weeks, or months later? No problem — like any best friend, we always have your back! If you see something you bought online available for less elsewhere — online or offline! — within 90 days, head to our “Rebates” tab to claim a rebate and collect up to $100 of the price difference. No more worrying about whether you really got the best deal.

Imagine knowing you’ll save online, even without your best shopping friend — with, you have all of her shopping expertise right at your fingertips! We can’t offer you her chit-chat and life advice (some things are irreplaceable), but we hope finding you superior savings whenever you shop online can make up for that. (Not a subscriber yet? It’s always a good time to try — especially since you can check us out risk-free for 7 days!)

So what do you think? Did we miss a “top 6” reason why is an online shopper’s BFF? Let us know, please!

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