The Shopping (and Saving) Habits of a Member

CT_sideimage_shoppinghabitsI hate to fight the crowds at local stores, and the selection in my town is limited, so I do a lot of online shopping — several times a week, in fact. Hi, I’m Lynn, and I love to shop online. So when I was online shopping one time and I saw an offer for a shipping rebate via, I had to check it out. Six years later, whether I’m just doing general online shopping or on a shopping mission for my family — is where I start!

On an average shopping online adventure, I can easily save $26 on what was originally $80 purchase! How? All thanks to the benefits on They make saving so easy!

I can’t help but gush about my favorite feature on — the 10% cash back. I love how easy it is too. I just type the name of the store where I want to shop into the search bar, then I do my “happy dance” when I see that the store is eligible for 10% cash back — woo-hoo! It seems as though more and more stores are offering this benefit through, and I’m always delighted when I see it — the extra 10% back is incredible!  I’ve saved hundreds, just from 10% cash back. It’s saved me tons of money on big-ticket items like electronics and home improvement products — I earned 10% on bathtubs!  It’s like wasting your money if you don’t take advantage of this!

You know what’s better than getting free shipping (and almost as good as the 10% cash back)?  Using to get rebates for expedited shipping costs, if I need the product sooner. LOVE THAT! I use the free shipping rebates pretty much every week, for both standard shipping charges and faster shipping upgrades. I love being able to shop for even small-ticket items without paying a hefty shipping charge or, even worse, having to buy things I don’t need just to qualify for the store’s free shipping offer.  I love that too!

I’m also more confident about buying things that I’m not 100% sure of (questionable size, style, color, compatibility), because I know I’ll save on return shipping charges, thanks to’s return shipping rebates. I can shop worry-free, knowing I can send something back if it doesn’t work for me — and I don’t have to make room in my budget for huge return shipping fees when I do. Talk about peace of mind and money saved!CT_wideimage_shoppinghabits

So, on an average shopping trip, I’d estimate that I save $8 on shipping charges and get $8 cash back, and if I have to return a purchase, return shipping is often $10 or more.  That quickly adds up to the $26 in savings I mentioned earlier! The rest is history — I can look forward to getting my cash-back and rebate checks in the mail!

Whenever anyone asks me about, I tell them, “Just give it a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the savings you’ll get. makes online shopping easy, inexpensive, and hassle-free!”  I can’t imagine my life without it.

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