The Grass Is Greener: 3 Strategies to Save Money on Summer Lawn Care

With summer in full swing, a lush, green lawn is a must. How is your lawn looking these days? If you have had some hot, dry days, it may be looking a little bland. Are you waging a war against weeds that threaten to take over your property? Have you been ignoring your lawn-mowing duties?

Whatever your lawn problem, we have some tips to remedy your lawn care troubles. And, of course, our strategies take your budget into consideration!

3 Tips to Trim Summer Lawn Care Costs

  1. Water wisely. When you water your lawn, you want to do so strategically. Has it rained recently? No need to water. Is your lawn already looking very green? Skip a day or maybe a few. Skip watering during the hottest portion of the day, when water will likely evaporate quickly instead of soaking into the soil. Watering at night is not wise, because the cool temps and lingering moisture may lead to disease. The best time to water is early morning, but don’t overdo it — light, frequent watering is best. By watering only when it’s needed and at the most ideal time of day, you can save money on your water bill and avoid waste.
  2. Adjust your lawn mower. Just like you want to mow the lawn with the correct frequency, it is also important to trim to the right length. Mowing too short can dry out the grass roots and dirt, and you will end up watering more to compensate for lost moisture. Grass that is cut too short may also require re-seeding. The general rule is you should cut no more than one-third of the grass’s length. Adjust your lawn mower to the correct height, and don’t forget to sharpen the blades from time to time. Taking these steps will save you money in gas and water.
  3. Utilize natural fertilizers. Summer is often your lawn’s best season, so it may not be necessary to fertilize during this time. Fertilizing is often recommended in the spring or fall. But if you want to treat your lawn, look to natural ways of doing so that can also save you money. When you mow your lawn, use a self-mulching lawn mower that will deposit the grass clippings over the lawn to decompose naturally and provide important nutrients. Save household scraps to use as compost for your lawn or garden. And if you must buy fertilizer, first purchase a kit to test whether it’s necessary and what nutrients your grass may be lacking. Following these tips will save you precious money on fertilizer costs. Saves You Green

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