Single for Valentine’s Day? We Know Exactly What to Do!

happy-valentineValentine’s Day is here! That’s great for everyone in love — but what about the single people? You don’t need a significant other to spoil you, we believe you should be a Valentine to yourself! Who better to buy presents for, right?! Instead of wasting your money on a fancy dinner, flowers and gifts — spend it on yourself! 😉 If you’re a subscriber, log in to find these great items so you can enjoy the additional gift of 10% cash back!

We found some amazing items that you can spoil yourself with, so forget about having a significant other — you don’t need one!

The power to share photos instantly — and we’re not talking about Instagram! This FujiFilm INSTAX Instant Smartphone Printer is awesome for only $145.93! We found the best deal on the web at NothingButSavings, thanks to’s price comparison tool, which helps you save money AND get an awesome gift (for yourself, of course). This amazing instant Smartphone printer lets you print any picture from your phone. We love that it combines our love for Instagram and our love for instant pictures! Perfect for your next party or night out! Show everyone how much fun you’re having while they’re out at boring dinners.

33455759_100_dDiamonds are everyone’s best friend, especially when they can hold drinks. This Drink A Diamond Glass Set from Urban Outfitters is only $34.00 and is the perfect excuse to buy yourself something. You can tell all your friends you received diamonds, but you don’t need to tell them they’re made of glass. That’s not lying, right?

Spring is so close we can feel it! So why not start stocking up on great outdoor accessories now? We love this Turtle Shell Wireless Speaker from Nordstrom, for only $129.95. Perfect for your next beach trip or outdoor hang-out — this speaker puts warm thoughts in our head! Plus, with seven different bright color options, you’re sure to find your favorite color.

Everyone gets jewelry for Valentine’s Day — why don’t you switch it up for yourself this year? These gold and silver shimmering Flash Tattoos from Sephora look like jewelry with bracelets, rings, and necklaces — along with other fun accessories! And for only $22.00 they are much cheaper than real jewelry. Perfect for those indecisive people who just can’t decide what jewelry to buy — or just love changing up their look all the time!

fitbitJust because it’s February doesn’t mean you have to throw those New Year’s fitness resolutions away. Fitbits are all the rage, and we found the best deal at Walmart with’s price comparison tool! For only $94.95 you can stay fit for yourself, or maybe just in case that special someone finally appears.

Everyone else is getting chocolate — so why can’t you? Buy yourself some delicious Godiva chocolates that aren’t all Valentine’s Day–themed (cuz who needs a reminder of being alone?). Instead, try a delicious Ice Cream Parlor Truffle Flight for only $16.00 — because nothing is better than ice cream and chocolate, especially when they’re combined, right?!

And if you’re a subscriber, don’t forget to log in so you can get the additional gift of 10% cash back, or join now! Now go ahead and put some pajamas on, open up your laptop, and spoil yourself with gifts.

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