These Simple Products Will Help Make Your Office More Organized

Is there anything worse than a messy desk? We’re talking about the stray files, the overload of randomly-placed sticky note reminders and the sloppy notes you’ve scribbled on the corners of used documents. The of your work space can absolutely affect your level of . If you want to power through your days effectively, you need to ensure that your office is neat, clean and in order.

your office is a process you should engage in on an ongoing basis, so even if you’ve done it in the past, it might be time to freshen up again. We’ve put together a few of our favorite simple products that’ll make your co-workers jealous of your perfectly organized work space.CT_collage_OrganizedOffice_Items


  1. Mead® Magnetic Filing Cabinet Storage.

    Take advantage of vertical space using the innovative Mead® Magnetic Filing Cabinet Storage. It keeps commonly-used files at your fingertips without cluttering surface space on top of the filing cabinet or your desk. The pockets are constructed from durable fabric and have labels that you can customize. Available in blue, green, or teal. Seriously, who doesn’t love a little color added to the workplace?

  1. Humanscale® CPU 450 Holder.

    Free up floor or desk space by mounting your CPU unit underneath your desk with the Humanscale® CPU 450 Holder from Office Designs. This storage solution is designed to accommodate both horizontal and vertical computer units, and for the accident-prone employees, it also reduces the likelihood of damage due to dirt, dust, bumps, and spills. Its rugged steel construction supports the weight of even larger units. A unique way to create additional space! *This item is currently unavailable. Check back soon!*

  1. Rubbermaid Supplies Organizer with Mesh Drawers.

    Lacking storage space or drawers in your desk? If you’re like me and have a minimalist desk that has little room for storage, the Rubbermaid Supplies Organizer w/ Mesh Drawers from Staples can solve your problem. This organizer features 12 removable mesh drawers with a flat surface on the front of each drawer for labeling. You can stack multiple units and secure them with the included brackets. So cool.

  1. Urbio Magnetic Modular System.

    Maximize your vertical space using the Urbio Magnetic Modular System from The Container Store. You build the system by first attaching the Urbio Wall Plate to your wall. Originally designed to accommodate urban gardening, the magnetic wall plate allows you to attach the storage containers; the Urbio Shorty Magnetic Container can store writing utensils, and the Urbio Big Daddy Magnetic Container can hold papers, files, or magazines. Lightweight, recyclable, and easy to customize as your needs change.

  1. White + Pool Blue Stow 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet, Rolling.

    Tired of having paperwork and files invading your desk, but still need them handy? The White + Pool Blue Stow 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet from Poppin is the ideal filing solution. This rolling filing cabinet is low enough to fit under your desk, but the casters allow you to move it wherever it’s needed. You’ll appreciate its attractive modern aesthetic, including rounded corners and two-tone color combination. A key lock provides added security. Additional color options include white, orange, black, and light gray. Files never looked so good!

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What area of your office space needs organizing help? How often do you organize your workspace?

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