Shop With Even More Confidence — Now Enjoy Free Returns on Every Purchase!

Great news, online shopping fans: now offers free return shipping — via FedEx Ground — on every order you place through the program!

Welcome to a world where you can make online purchases with greater peace of mind, knowing that if a purchase doesn’t meet your expectations in any way, you won’t be charged a dime to ship it back.


Just think:  No matter where you shop with, you no longer have to pay to ship an unsatisfactory order back to the retailer, meaning your money never has to leave your pocket!  Say goodbye to:

  • Worrying about whether that blouse you’re looking at online actually comes in the exact size (and shade of coral) you want;
  • Fretting over the possibility that your nephew will outgrow that toddler outfit you’re considering before his birthday even arrives;
  • Clicking the “Confirm Order” button with your fingers crossed, thinking that maybe it should be called a “Confirm Wishes” button.
  • Keeping an item you hate — just because it costs more money to ship it back! Return Center

How to Ship Any Order Back for Free

If you decide — for any reason (doesn’t fit, don’t remember buying it, etc.) — to return something that you purchased through us, just head to and:

  • Fill out and print a FedEx return shipping label in our online “Return Center”;
  • Attach the label to your shipment; and
  • Drop the shipment off at any FedEx location in the country.

Then sit back and relax — FedEx Ground will then ship your package back to the retailer free of charge!



We’re all about helping you shop at popular online stores with confidence — and guaranteed savings.  Ready to put our newest benefit to good use?  Click here!  (Still not a member?  Click here to try risk-free for 7 days!)

Happy shopping — and happier returns!

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