Save on All Your Back-to-School Shopping with 20% Cash Back ’til September 4!

CT_wideimage_WithBlogTitle_BTS_20CB_600x100It happens every year, but it still manages to sneak up on us, that point when maybe the four saddest words of the calendar year start popping up: “The end of summer.” Instead of planning (or enjoying!) our summer vacations, it’s time to dive straight into back-to-school shopping mode. Stores have been doing their best to motivate us with great deals on clothes, supplies, and other school needs, but it’s easy for some of us to put that off ’til tomorrow … and tomorrow … and tomorrow. Then, all of a sudden, it’s, well, today, and you really, really, really need to get your shopping on NOW, before all those sales run out and you have to pay full price for all your kids’ back-to-school needs.

Well, take a deep breath, and put a smile on your face, ’cause we have some great news for you:

From August 17 until September 4, is offering 20% cash back at 10 great back-to-school retailers that are sure to help you get all your shopping done in time to get your kids on the bus, fully outfitted and equipped for whatever the school year brings!

CT_wideimage_BTS_20CB_logo_600x100You’ll find everything you need to get your tots, tweeners, and/or teens ready for school at JCPenney, Walmart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Office Depot/OfficeMax, Kmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, L.L. Bean, Dell, and The Children’s Place — and get 20% cash back while you do it!

And if you somehow can’t find something your son or daughter needs (or just wants), no problem: You’ll continue to get 10% cash back on your orders at the other 1,000+ stores in’s program.

Of course, cash back is just one of the many great deals that offers. You’ll also enjoy:

  • Exclusive retailer coupons;
  • Free shipping;
  • Free returns;
  • Price protection; and
  • An instant price-comparison tool.

Better yet, you can stack all those savings on top of whatever deals the retailers are offering — and watch your savings add up faster than, well, kindergarteners in math class!  (And remember:  You don’t have to shop for school stuff to get 20% cash back.  Splurge on whatever you want; we don’t check hall passes around here!)

Just like summer, though, this amazing 20% cash-back promotion won’t last forever. Fortunately, it’s never too late to try — and what better reason to start than saving with 20% cash back?

So:  How do you plan to enjoy 20% cash back — spoiling yourself or treating your kids?

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