Save Money, Time and Stress on Your Back to College Needs!

It’s time to start packing up your room before heading off to college. Figuring out what to pack, buy, and bring with you to college can be stressful, so we dug around a bit to find you some must-have items — at the best prices, of course!

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The first essential is bedding for your new bed — choosing the right style and pattern will make it so much easier to decorate the rest of your room! Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Kohl’s have a great selection of bedding styles to pick from! We’re partial to this bright blue version of The Big One Trellis Reversible Quilt Set from Kohl’s — it’ll make it easy to pick a color for any mood! College-Blog-Post-CollageThen again, this Nautica Bradford Comforter Set from Bed Bath and Beyond looks very comfy — just right for studying (or sleeping) after class!

What’s a dorm room without a mini-fridge? This Igloo Eraser Board Refrigerator from Walmart will fit any dorm room, and being able to write reminders on the fridge will come in super-handy when deadlines approach (or when you want to save a particular leftover for yourself)!

With lots of studying ahead, comfy chairs are a must if you want to stay focused, and they can also provide lots of hosting options! These Your Zone Flip Chairs come in a wide variety of colors and can quickly switch from a seat into a bed for a friend! Want something a little bigger? This Emily Convertible Split-Back Faux Leather Futon is ideal for lounging or sleeping; plus it’s easy to clean — and we all know how important it is to save time on cleaning chores in college!

Be sure take memories from home with you! This Marrone 18-Photo Fashion Collage Clipboard Frame will keep rotating a whole pile of pictures, and you can add images throughout the school year!

Who said wastebaskets can only be functional? These Simple by Design Step Wastebaskets are made for small spaces and will add a decorative touch to any room.

Dorm lighting can make all the difference. This Simple Designs Chome Mini Basic Table Lamp will light up any space and make your room feel like home. Wanna get a little bolder? This Essential Home 5-Head Gooseneck Floor Lamp can add a great pop of color to any room — plus lots of light!

The right rug can add warmth and coziness to your room! These Room Essentials Shag Rugs come in 6 hues, so you can match it to your chosen color scheme. Their super-soft feel is a great way to greet your feet when you roll out of bed in the morning on your way to class!

Ready to add some last-minute touches to your room? Embrace your new home away from home with this “Dorm Sweet Dorm” Canvas Wall Banner, or feed your GoT urges with a – Game of Thrones Map! The dorm room is your space — fill it with your interests.

Shopping for college can be overwhelming, but if you start with a list and an idea of how you want your room to look, you’re halfway there!

Did we leave something out that you’d like to add to you college dorm? Tell us in the comments!

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