Safeguard Your Money: 3 Strategies to Save Money through Internet Security

InternetSecurity“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” — Benjamin Franklin

 The Internet is both a blessing and a curse. It opens us up to a countless number of options and opportunities, but it also opens us up to vulnerability and risk, especially when it comes to finances and potential security concerns.

If you will be using the Internet for anything regarding your money — purchases, paying bills, managing your bank accounts, or investments — it just makes financial sense to safeguard yourself with the proper Internet security. A little investment today can protect and secure your money for tomorrow.

3 Ways You Can Save Money through Internet Security

  1. Invest in antivirus security. One of the easiest ways to protect your computer is by purchasing and installing antivirus software. There are various brands and security levels out there, but basically this type of software is designed to identify and wipe out computer viruses that may attack your computer through an assortment of points of entry. Considering that computer viruses can steal your account passwords and hijack your privacy, a little money spent on antivirus software is money well-spent.
  2. WirelessNetworkLock down your wireless network. You may feel safe and comfortable in your home, but if your wireless home network is not properly secured, you may be inviting strangers from across the globe into your home (believe me, I speak from experience!). Particularly for wireless networks, it’s vital to make sure that only your household members can access your network. This action does not cost you a thing, but it can save you money by ensuring that no one has access to your private financial information. The process for locking down your wireless network can vary depending on your router and networking setup, but for a general guideline, this article, entitled How To Lock Down Your Wireless Network, is helpful.
  3. Be wary of free downloads. Free is always good, right? Not so much, especially when it comes to items downloaded to your computer. You may get what was promised, but also so much more that you did not ask for, like viruses and unwanted setting changes. Before you download, check to make sure that it’s coming from a reputable site. Read all the fine print to find out what exactly you will be downloading. Before you do any downloading, make sure your Windows operating system and antivirus software are up-to-date to help protect your computer in the unfortunate scenario that you download something harmful.

Prevention is ideal, but awareness can help to minimize adverse effects if a breach of security does occur. Regularly monitor your financial accounts for activity you do not recognize. Also pay attention to any bizarre computer activity after you download anything new or use an unsecured or public wireless network. Can Help You Secure Your Internet and Pocketbook

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With today’s digital technology, it’s a necessity to safeguard your money through adequate Internet security. Don’t allow modern conveniences to make it convenient for thieves to steal your wealth. Follow the steps above to protect your money and peace of mind. Don’t forget to share these helpful tips with others!

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