Prep for Winter’s Chill: 3 Tips to Save Money on Winter Preparations

WinterPrep_mainIt may still be fall, but that simply means that winter is right around the corner. Have you started to prepare for winter’s cool chill? There are a number of tasks that you should take on now to avoid problems later. We’ll tell you how to get them accomplished for less.

3 Thrifty Tips to Get Ready for Winter

  1. WinterPrep_RightDo it yourself. Sure, you can pay someone to help you prepare your house or car for winter, but why spend the money if you don’t need to? Get an instructional book or watch some online videos to help you learn how to service your heater or winterize your vehicle.
  2. Bring tools and chemicals indoors. This is a really simple one, but it can save you big money and does not cost a thing to accomplish. Instead of leaving your tools outdoors to rust or crack or your household chemicals to freeze and be ruined, bring them into a more temperate environment where they’ll be protected from the elements.
  3. Keep warm on a budget. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars buying winter clothes, check your home inventory to see what you already have. Layers are an excellent way to stay warm all winter long. If you must buy clothing, consider doing so at local thrift stores or consignment shops — you will get what you need for less.

Just like animals nest, now is the time to prepare yourself for winter’s cold days to come. With the tips presented above, you can save on your preparations and all winter long. Will Keep Your Wallet from Freezing Up

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negotiating_Timberland_logoOne of those retailers is Timberland, a New England company dedicated to producing rugged and comfortable clothes and gear designed for those interested in making a difference. Whether you need outerwear, boots, luggage, or accessories, Timberland has the quality items to last through many harsh winters to come.

negotiating_Sorel_logoIf you don’t have a serious pair of boots to deal with all of the snow, ice, and cold temperatures that winter will sling at you, now’s the time to get shopping. Check out Sorel, a retailer from Canada, where they know a lot about both cold and quality. They have a full selection of functional and comfortable boots, as well as slippers to keep you cozy indoors.

Winter is on its way, but that’s no reason to dismay! Want to help someone else prepare for all that winter will bring? Be a pal and share this blog post with them.

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