Pick a Pumpkin: 5 Ways to Save Money on Fall Pumpkins

Saveonpumpkins_mainOne of the best things about this time of year is the pumpkins. Pumpkins are a fun and colorful symbol of the fall harvest and autumn festivities. They are great for cooking and baking, including making homemade pumpkin pies. Pumpkins also make ideal decorative pieces in and around your home, because they can potentially last for months. If you want to save some money for caramel apples and Halloween costumes, follow our tips to buy pumpkins for less.

  1. Buy pumpkins by the pound. It is often cheaper to purchase pumpkins priced by the pound versus a set individual price, particularly if you are interested in larger sizes. You may find pumpkins by the pound at the grocery store, home improvement store, or some pumpkin patches and roadside stands. If you check your local sales papers, you can determine which store has the best price.
  2. Buy from roadside farmer’s stands and individual growers. Pumpkin patches Pumkin_Standare loads of fun as a family activity, but they can also be costly. Particularly if you’re only interested in purchasing pumpkins, consider other outlets for more competitive pricing. Local farmers may utilize seasonal roadside stands to sell their harvest quickly. Or you may find individual homes or farms displaying priced-to-sell homegrown pumpkins in their front yard.
  3. Buy them undecorated. I am pretty lazy and uncreative, so there are few things I love more than buying a pumpkin that’s already painted and decorated in full fall fashion. Although this is an easy option, it’s not a cheap one, even if you only purchase a small pumpkin. If you’re looking to save money, it’s wiser to purchase a natural pumpkin and decorate it yourself.
  4. Buy reusable versions for decoration. In order to save money, I have purchased reusable pumpkin alternatives that can be used for decoration year after year. I find this to be more cost-effective than purchasing real pumpkins every year. Instead of painting or carving pumpkins, you can purchase decorative pumpkins that feature the desired decorative accents and put them away each year.
  5. Don’t carve them. Jack-o’-lanterns are a fun part of fall. But once you cut into the pumpkin, it slowly begins to rot, especially when exposed to sunlight and/or warm temperatures. If you want your pumpkin to last longer instead of having to purchase new ones before the end of the season, choose to paint or decorate without carving it. You can replicate the jack-o’-lantern look with paint. If you avoid cutting into the pumpkin, it can be preserved all fall long. I often purchase pumpkins in September and am able to use them all the way through to Thanksgiving because I choose not to carve them.

Pumpkins make fall fun. When you follow these tips, you’ll be able to purchase plenty of them at a price that fits your budget — and when you use your FreeShipping.com membership, you can enjoy free shipping, exclusive coupons and discounts, and 10% cash back at over 1,000 top online retailers.

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