No Other Shopping Site Gives You So Many Ways to Save!

CT_sideimage_yahoostream_400x600Imagine you log in to a secure website, enter a description of anything you could possibly want into the search engine, and then instantly compare the lowest prices on that item at every store that sells it — within seconds!

Imagine lowering your price even further just by choosing from the latest coupon offers on that website and clicking on one from a store you already know and love!

Imagine lowering your price even further by shopping like you normally do at your favorite store and earning — just by finalizing your purchase!

Imagine lowering your price even further by using a coupon to get right at checkout (or getting a rebate of up to $10 if you ever do pay shipping charges)!

Imagine shipping the item back to the store for free — via FedEx Ground, no less — if you decide it’s not right for you!

Or imagine it is perfect for you, but some store down the road from you runs a one-day, going-out-of-business sale a couple months later and offers the same item for less than you paid, so you send in an ad showing the lower price and get paid the difference in price!

Stop imagining — this is exactly how works!

We’ve revolutionized the online cash-back space by offering a consistent 10% — year-round — at over 1,000 popular stores.  No more waiting for a “one-hour, special sitewide offer!” or hoping that your favorite store finally (and briefly) occupies that coveted “7% cash back — today only!” slot.

When you join, you can shop with confidence, knowing you get 10% cash back on every purchase you make at any store in our cash-back network!

But the sweet deals don’t end there!  You also enjoy:

  • Unlimited, year-round access to instant free shipping offers and other coupon deals at over 1,000 stores;
  • Shipping rebates
  • Unlimited access to free return shipping;
  • rebates
  • Our state-of-the-art comparison shopping tool, ensuring that you find the lowest price on practically anything you could ever hope to buy online!

CT_wideimage_yahoostream_600x100That’s right:  You can save thousands of dollars just by shopping at many of your favorite stores, including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, Sears, and literally over a thousand others!  (And that’s not even taking into account our special offers!)

No other website on Earth offers you so many ways to save so much on so many different items.  Stop imagining the possibilities — start saving right now!

What are you waiting for?  Try risk-free today — click here now!

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