Make a Cute Easter Egg Hunt Basket from Hancock Fabrics!

Easter egg hunt painted eggsEaster is right around the corner! Along with cute fashion, bunnies, and chicks, it’s also a great time to show off your crafting skills (and impress everyone). We found this awesome little carrot-shaped Easter Egg Hunt Basket on Hancock Fabrics website that will be perfect for your hunt, or just to fill with treats for all your guests. Plus, bragging that you made this all by yourself is better than finding the golden egg, in our opinion. Head on over to their craft page to find even more Easter-inspired ideas, like their giant, jeweled bunny-ear headband!

All you’ll need for your Easter Egg Hunt Basket is:

Once you have all the materials, it’s time to start creating:

  1. With the felt folded, cut two rectangles measuring 12″ tall x 10″ wide.
  2. Place the ruler on the bottom edge of the rectangles (keeping them stacked), making sure the 1″ mark is even with one end of the rectangle and the 10″ mark is even with the other end. Place a small mark on the top rectangle at 7″ and 3″.
  3. Use the ruler to trace a line from the top corner to the bottom mark on both sides, creating a “carrot” shape.
  4. Use a bowl to trace a rounded shape along the short bottom edge you just created.
  5. Cut along the marked lines. (Make sure you hold both layers of felt.)
  6. Lay out 6 rows of pom pom trim on one of the carrot shapes, approximately 2″ apart. Trim lengths will decrease as the width of your felt shape decreases. Pin all the trim rows in place.
  7. Use a sewing machine to stitch your trim rows in place.
  8. Sandwich the other carrot shape on top of the trimmed piece, making sure the pom pom trim is on the inside. Pin the long sides and bottom edges together.
  9. Stitch the bag together using a ¼” seam allowance on the 3 pinned sides, making sure you leave the top edge open. Flip the bag right side out.
  10. To make the handle, cut two 14″ lengths of rick rack, and intertwine the two strands. Stitch down the center of the intertwined handle to secure the two together.
  11. Position each end of the handle inside the bag at the side seams, and stitch them in place.
  12. To create carrot stems, cut a length of bias tape 24″ long. Stitch 1⁄8″ from each edge to secure the fold. Fold them into three loops and stitch them to the center front of the back.  Make sure the raw edges are inside the bag.CT_wideimage_eastercraft

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