How To Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift with LoveBook

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to truly express your love. Whether you stay in with some Chinese takeout or go out for a romantic date, brainstorming gift ideas can always be a challenge. How much should you spend? What’s a good gift to give? How can you make it personal?

These are all valid questions, especially if its the first time you’re celebrating a Valentine’s Day with your guy or gal. If you’re at a loss for a great gift to give, there’s really no need to panic -especially since the team of course, has an awesome idea for you!

We’re currently obsessing over LoveBook. LoveBook lets you create, customize and publish your personal love story in the form of a real, printed, hardcover or soft cover book.
LoveBook Review
Your LoveBook is totally, 100% customizable – so you can really share your own, true love story here. Plus, you can choose to go with any premise you’d like. Whether you want to tell your S.O how much they mean to you or tell the story about how you met, LoveBook gives you the tools you need to make it personal and meaningful.

We’re about to show you how to create your very own LoveBook that’ll take your significant other by surprise this Valentine’s Day:


1. Create a LoveBook account

Just type in your email and preferred password or sign up using your Facebook account. LoveBook makes it super simple – you’ll only fill out two form fields to make an account. Who wants a long sign up process anyway, right?

LoveBook won’t send you any emails or anything like that. You’ll just create an account so that you can log back in and pick up where you left off if you don’t plan to finish your book in one sitting.


2. Create your characters




Next, you’ll have the chance to create and design the main characters included in your story. At first, you’ll have the option to create two, but once you start adding pages to your LoveBook, you’ll have the option to create more characters to present as your story develops.




LoveBook lets you customize both main characters down to every last detail. You can choose skin tone, eye shape, mouth shape, facial hair, accessories and more to make your characters look just like their real-life versions. Your book becomes much more personal when the characters you create actually resemble you!


3. Choose your book cover



What would you like the cover of your book to look like? It’s a good thing your options are pretty much limitless. You can choose from hundreds of pre-made LoveBook designs to perfectly match the theme of your story!


4. Tell your story

LoveBook gives you plenty of ideas for inspiration, so you can customize and build off of one of their pre-made pages. Or, if you’re feeling artsy and creative, you can choose to select a blank page and add your own text, characters and objects of your choice.



With the available objects to pick from in the page editor, you can setup each scene exactly the way you want. Show your characters lounging on the couch, on a dinner date, cooking in the kitchen or in the car on a road trip!




If you’re not artistically talented, don’t let creating the pages of your book scare you away. You can easily browse the library of already designed pages and tweak them to better fit your story and the personality of your characters.




5. Check out

LoveBook lets you preview the pages of your book one-by-one before you add it to your shopping cart. That way, you can weed through it and check for errors one last time.




Once your LoveBook is added to your shopping cart, you’ll have the option to enter a promo code and view the shipping charges and grand total of your order. If at this point, you remember you forgot to add or edit something, no worries. You can preview your book again and go back in to edit it even when it’s added to your cart.

When you’re ready to rumble, just follow the steps of the secure checkout and voila! Your LoveBook will be on it’s way shortly. The process is simple, and the work is cut out for you. Needless to say, a LoveBook makes for a super personal and customizable Valentine’s Day gift that will never be forgotten.


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