Keep Bugs Away on a Budget: How to Save on Insect Protection

There are many things to love about warmer weather, but for most of us, bugs are not one of them. There’s a reason we call these tiny creatures “pests” — they ruin our outdoor picnics and barbeques; invade our gardens and crops; and bite us, sometimes even making us sick. Home improvement stores, mass merchandisers, and drug stores start pushing insect and pest control products in early spring. Such products can be costly and may not be healthy for you, your family, your pets, or your yard. We’re sharing some secrets to keep bugs away without spending hundreds of dollars every year.

Secrets to Keep Bugs at Bay on a Budget

Protect Your Home

I love warm weather, but I dread the onslaught of insects that come with it. Where I live in the Southwest, we face a particularly gross enemy — cockroaches. They come out of the sewers every night (this is how they survive the desert) and invade local homes. We have also had an army of small ants.

Since we have dogs, we choose to use more natural pest control options. If you are dealing with unwanted visitors in and around your home, boric acid is a good insecticide. It is less toxic than other insect control products, and since it comes in a powder form, you can line perimeters with it without having to breathe in harmful fumes. Since you simply line cracks and corners, a little goes a long way, it’s not very expensive, and you can find it at local home improvement stores or pharmacies. It can be used for various insect species, so there’s no need to purchase numerous products. Other pest control ideas include a mixture of vinegar, herbs, and water, or vinegar or vodka mixed with minty or citrusy essential oils.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Getting bitten by bugs is not only annoying, it can be downright dangerous. Mosquitoes can carry West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever. When I was in college, I was bitten by a tick and contracted Lyme disease, which required 3 months of antibiotics to recover from. A bite from a spider, scorpion, bee, or wasp can land you in the hospital or worse. It just makes sense to protect yourself and your family when you go outside.

Healthier and more inexpensive than other insect repellents, fresh spearmint or lemon balm can be rubbed on your skin to ward off biting bugs. Make it harder for mosquitoes to breed by minimizing standing water around your home. Citronella can be used outdoors to discourage bugs from visiting. Other ways to repel bugs include keeping herbs like catnip or rosemary nearby when you are outside. Reducing the amount of exposed skin can also help to lessen the likelihood of bug bites.


Protect Your Garden

No one wants to toil over a garden only to have it spoiled by pesky insects. Protect your fruits, vegetables, and plants without costly chemicals by mixing up an organic cayenne pepper bug repellent spray. This solution is safer for your family when they consume your harvest and safer for your pocketbook. Avoid large plots of similar fruits or vegetables, and instead diversify your planting. Basil or marigolds can discourage pests from partaking of your tomatoes. Strongly scented herbs, including plants in the mint family, can help to keep pests away.

Other methods to discourage insect invaders are to purge any compromised plants, use seaweed mulch or spray, keep watering to a minimum, and disinfect your gardening tools on a regular basis. These insect protection ideas will save you money and offer effectiveness without harsh chemicals. But the ideas don’t stop there.

Keep Insects Away with Less to Pay

If you’re a member, you can buy the bug prevention you require without paying more than necessary.

Magic Mesh

Want to keep fresh air coming into your home without letting all the bugs in with it? Magic Mesh is the ideal solution. This mesh door cover allows you to keep your doors open and to pass through without inviting pests. Even if your hands are full, it’s easy to walk through, and it automatically closes behind you, using 18 magnets. It’s designed to fit standard single and sliding doors, and at only $19.95 for 2 panels, it’s an easy way to get peace of mind without the fuss this outdoor season. AeroGarden Logo Skip the risk of bugs while still enjoying the perks of a garden with Miracle-Gro AeroGarden. AeroGarden is a fun and convenient way to grow fruits, vegetables, and plants in the convenience of your home or office. Guaranteed to grow, this innovative product allows you to grow herbs, flowers, and edibles in a small indoor space. If you love gardening but prefer to avoid the mess and fuss, AeroGarden is the perfect alternative. It also makes a thoughtful and long-lasting gift for adults and kids with a green thumb.

Home Depot Logo

Home Depot can help you to spring into savings and get rid of whatever is bugging you. Check out their full selection of insect and pest control products. Look for special reduced and sale prices to keep your pocketbook in the green. You will also find some options for natural and organic insect prevention. Home Depot also carries an assortment of personal insect repellents to keep pests away from you and your family. Buying in bulk can provide some additional savings, so look for their bundle packs. Don’t miss their electronic insect repellents for a modern alternative to traditional bug protection solutions.

Spring is the time to get out and enjoy nature, so don’t let pesky bugs hold you back. By following the tips mentioned here, you can enjoy all of spring’s glories without being hampered by unwanted visitors.

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