It’s Raining Money: How You Can Use Spring’s Rainy Days to Save Money

“April showers bring May flowers.”

 We’ve all heard this famous saying, but April’s showers actually bring more than just flowers in May. Did you ever realize that spring’s rainy days could actually save you money? It’s true! Spring’s showers provide valuable water that can be used in various ways. Instead of having to pay for water, you can save cash by using the water that is naturally provided by nature. We’re sharing 3 ways that spring’s showers can bring savings to your household.

It’s Raining Money — 3 Tips to Take Advantage of Spring Shower Savings

  1. Let the weather do the watering. Have thirsty plants that need a watering? During spring, try to reduce manual watering by waiting for rain instead. Skip putting your sprinkler system on a timer, and rely on nature’s spring schedule. Watering lawns and flowers can get expensive, so take advantage of the naturally occurring moisture while it’s here. You may even want to bring your houseplants outside when you know that there will be a mild shower. If you plan to do some planting, check the weather, and do it shortly before rain is anticipated to skip post-planting watering.
  2. Collect to save cash. One of the best ways to save money using rain water is by having a rain barrel.  A rain barrel is a container that collects rain to be used later. A rain barrel is normally positioned around your house to collect water run-off from the roof. Collecting rain water can add up to significant savings, as the water can then be used for watering your lawn and plants. Some individuals choose to use collected water (once properly treated) as an extra stash in case of interruption of water service or in an emergency situation (not recommended for water collected from roof run-off or any other contaminated surfaces). Rain barrels are fairly easy to make using a plastic garbage can, or you can buy one already designed for that purpose. Depending on what region you live in, using a rain barrel can provide approximately 1,300 gallons of water during the growing season — that translates to money saved on your water bill!
  3. Cash in on your own car wash. Instead of taking your car to the car wash or wasting hose water, you can use rain water collected in your rain barrel to clean the car. Simply fill some buckets with the water, and add soap and some rags. You can also use the rain water to wash your exterior house windows, to fill birdbaths or fish ponds, or to top off swimming pools. Because collected rain water is soft water devoid of chemicals and minerals found in other water sources, it’s ideal for a variety of outdoor uses.

There are plenty of ways to save using water from spring showers. If you have city water, your bill will be reduced due to less water used and reduced sewer processed. If you have a well, you may experience savings on the electricity used to power the well due to reduced usage.

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Spring’s rainy days need not get you down. There’s many ways to save money using the ample rain water and to keep everyone busy indoors on a budget. Know someone who could use the money-saving tips that we provided? Be a pal and share this blog post.

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