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cliquetips_pinterest_doublecb_v1We’re all guilty of window shopping on the web.

It happens when you’re browsing your favorite online sites for things you aren’t quite ready to buy yet. You might stumble across a perfect New Year’s Eve dress or a beautiful china set that you know your mother would love. Either way, items you see online will always catch your eye, even when it’s not the right time to make a purchase.

It’s a huge pain to create a separate list of saved items for every individual site, and it would be a shame if you found something really great but lost track of it later on. So, what if you could save a bunch of different items, on a bunch of different lists from a bunch of different sites?

The team is proud to announce our new wish list feature! By creating wish lists and saving items to each, you’ll never lose track of your great gift-giving ideas. Even better, you’ll stay organized and keep an eye on all of the things you’d like to buy for yourself!


Here’s how easy it is to use our new wish list feature:


1. Search, browse and add the items you love to your own, custom wish lists.

Search and add your favorite items to your wish lists on


2. Organize your favorite items by holiday, special occasion or any other event in your future.




3. Save your top picks and come back to them when you’re all set to shop.


save your favorite items and come back to them when you're ready to shop on


We’ve designed the wish list feature to seamlessly fit into your online shopping habits. You can create a wish list full of your favorite items from all of your favorite stores. Plus, you can use it to brainstorm the best gift for a bridal shower, a birthday party or an anniversary.

So, are you ready to keep tabs on all of your favorite clothing, accessories, makeup and gift ideas? Let’s get you started on your very first wish list.


So many ways to save in so little time.

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