How to Search and Compare Prices Quickly and Easily at

We hope you’ve checked out the newly renovated website. In addition to streamlining our members’ access to savings and increasing the cash-back benefit to 10% at over 1,000 top online retailers, we’ve also significantly upgraded our search tool. As a member, you can now search for any item you want — and then compare prices for that item at every retailer in our 10% cash-back network!

How to Search for General Products

If you want to look for a wide range of products — wedding gifts, for instance — just type “wedding gifts” into the search field, then click the Enter key or the search icon. A search like that will generate a huge number of results, all of which include prices at participating retailers.


From there, you can click the “GO” button on any panel to see product details at a single retailer or to compare prices at multiple stores.

You can also narrow down any list of search results by using the four filters in the left-hand margin:

  • Price: Enter the minimum and maximum amounts you’re willing to pay.
  • Category: Restrict the search results to certain types of products.
  • Brand: Select the names of specific manufacturers you like — and/or the ones that make your favorite products.
  • Store: Choose the exact retailers that sell the products you seek.

Feel free to use a combination of filters to help you find whatever you’re looking for. (Of course, you can always ignore the filters altogether and browse through the entire results list.)


Once you find the exact offer you want, click “GO” to reach the specific retailer’s page, then click any “Visit Store” button on that page to reach that product page on your chosen retailer’s website. (Remember: To earn 10% cash back and qualify for shipping and return shipping rebates, you have to make your purchase in the browser window that opens when you click a button link.)

How to Search for Participating RetailersCK3_FScom

If you want to shop at a specific retailer in the network, just type that retailer’s name into the search bar, then click the Enter key or the search icon.

On the results page, just click the link to visit that retailer’s page, check out its current coupon offers, and start shopping.

How to Search — and Compare Prices — for Specific Items

If you’re looking for, say, a microwave oven, you can enter “microwave oven” in the search field to see a results page like this:


You can also search much more specifically. Maybe you want the exact same 1.6-cubic-foot, over-the-range, stainless-steel version that you saw at a friend’s house. If you enter “1.6 cubic foot over the range microwave stainless steel,” you’ll get a results page like this:


You can even search by using a specific item’s stock-keeping unit (SKU) number!

Once you find the exact item and price you want, click the specific “Visit Store” button to buy that item at your chosen retailer, or click a “Coupons Available” link, if applicable, to check out coupon offers at that retailer before you shop.

Our new search tool make it easier than ever to search for and compare prices instantly on anything you might be in the market for, whether it’s your favorite item or just a recurring household need. We hope you make the most of our recent upgrades. If you’re not a member yet, we invite you to try now — risk-free for 30 days!


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