How to Save on Dog Care

girl-dog“The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him and the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog,” George Graham Vest argued during his “Eulogy on a Dog,” delivered at a trial in 1870. To this day, his words ring true: There may be no greater loyalty than that of a dog to its master. In exchange for this undying devotion, the least a dog owner can do is take good care of this bundle of joyful affection. Unfortunately, pet care isn’t free, so we offer you a variety of tips on how to save on dog care:


  • Adopt a dog. Many organizations offer dogs for adoption, including rescue groups that train, vaccinate, and otherwise prepare the pooches before releasing them. These dogs are often available for free, plus you’ll save on initial medical needs and training costs.
  • Support your local vet. drDogAnnual veterinarian check-ups can identify budding health issues that your pet may have before they spiral out of control, and an ounce of pet prevention is worth a pound of pet cure.
  • Spay or neuter your pet. Not only will this prevent uterine, ovarian, and testicular cancer, it will ensure that you won’t be responsible for the care of another generation of canines. Check online for a low- or no-cost spaying/neutering clinic in your area.
  • Feed Fido well. A healthy diet is as important to dogs as it is to us. Choose dog food that contains the nutrition your pooch needs; cheap dog food often lacks important nutrients and can, in the long run, drive up the costs of dog care by adding chemical preservatives or other questionable ingredients to your canine’s diet. Also, remember that some human food is poisonous to dogs.
  • Control your canine. Whether through training, invisible fences, leashes or harnesses, a combination of those, and/or other methods, it’s vital that you protect your dog both from himself and from outside factors. The easiest way to save money on pet care is not to need it, so anything you can do to avoid dogfights, car accidents, unsupervised roaming, or other mishaps will help reduce your dog-care costs.
  • Prettify your pet. dog-bathBathing, brushing, and trimming your dog’s coat will help you find and remove fleas, ticks, and other pet pests, many of which carry diseases that can harm not just your dog but you and your family as well. It’s recommended that you bathe your dog at least every three months, but some breeds require more frequent grooming. Learning how to properly spruce up your pet yourself will eliminate outside grooming expenses.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend, the kind of friend for whom you’d do anything. With these tips (and with the savings on pet needs that offers at In the Company of Dogs and other retailers), you can save on dog care while offering your best friend the nurturing affection and attention he or she deserves.

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