How to Earn 10% Cash Back at

Earn10perCashBack_topBy now, we hope everyone is aware that members can consistently at over 1,000 top retailers.

We also hope all of our members take full advantage of our 10% cash-back benefit, which offers them up to $1,000 in savings every membership year.  To aid in our members’ efforts, we thought we’d provide a friendly guide on at, starting with the most obvious question.

How do I earn at

The easiest way to explain how to earn 10% cash back is this:  Just shop through the 10% cash-back links.

What does “shop through the 10% cash-back links” mean, exactly?

Excellent question.  What it means is that, to earn 10% cash back on a purchase, you have to make your purchase in the specific browser window that opens when you click a “Visit Store” button on our Home page or on a participating cash-back retailer’s page on our website.

Specifically, when you click a “Visit Store” coupon button, an interstitial page will appear in your browser window, explaining the terms of the coupon offer.  If the coupon requires a code, you can copy the code there.  The browser window will then redirect you to the retailer’s site.  Just use that browser window to shop and to make your purchase.  Once the retailer alerts us to your purchase, we’ll apply your 10% cash back to your Savings Center account.

If you click the “Visit Store” button at the top of a retailer’s page instead of a coupon button, the exact same process applies, but you won’t see an interstitial page displaying the terms of the coupon offer.

Earn10perCashBack_middleSo, can I earn 10% cash back by clicking on any “Visit Store” button?

Not quite.  Over 1,000 online retailers participate in our 10% cash-back network, and you can earn 10% cash back when you make a purchase through the browser window that opens when you click on any of their “Visit Store” buttons.  However, we also want to make sure our members can save pretty much anywhere they shop online, so we offer rebates on their shipping charges at retailers that don’t participate in our network (we are, after all).  We also offer coupon links to those retailers to help our members save even more.

Any retailer that appears on our Home page participates in our 10% cash-back network, and the message at the top of their pages says, “Get 10% Cash Back ….”  Retailers that don’t participate in our cash-back network can be identified by the “Rebates Only” ribbon; the message at the top of non-participating retailers’ pages says, “Unfortunately, your purchases at … aren’t eligible for 10% Cash Back …”

When you click the “Visit Store” button on a non-participating retailer’s coupon, you won’t earn 10% cash back, but you can claim the coupon savings by following the retailer’s instructions.  (Plus, if you pay for shipping on your purchase, you can claim a rebate of up to $10 on that shipping charge; just click the “Rebates” tab on to start submitting your rebate claim.)

Rest assured that you can earn 10% cash back when you click the vast majority of “Visit Store” links on, but even if a retailer doesn’t participate in our cash-back network, you can still save when you start your online shopping trip through our website.

Are there any other reasons why I wouldn’t earn 10% cash back on a purchase?

Another excellent question.  There are a few other reasons, mostly related to the fact that we rely on our participating retailers to inform us, electronically and automatically, whenever our members make purchases that qualify for 10% cash back.  That means members need to use our links all the way through the check-out process, so the retailers know they’ve come from our website.

Therefore, please note that you won’t get 10% cash back on a purchase if:

  • You’re not a member. (Sorry; the 10% cash-back benefit is available exclusively to program members.  If you’re not a member yet, click here to join.)
  • You go directly to a participating retailer’s website to make a purchase instead of using one of our links.
  • You reach a participating retailer’s website by clicking a different website’s link.
  • You change, cancel, or return a purchase you’ve made through one of our links.*
  • Your purchase doesn’t meet the restrictions imposed by a participating retailer.
  • You have multiple tabs open for the same retailer, and you make your purchase on a page other than the one you opened by clicking on a link.
  • You make several purchases across multiple brand retailers while using a single shopping cart provided by a “parent” company to these various brands. (To be eligible for 10% cash back, you can only make purchases at one retailer at a time when shopping through our links.)
  • You type a new address (URL) in the window that opened when you clicked on a retailer’s link.

There are a few more 10% cash-back restrictions that involve “qualifying purchases.”  To learn more about those, please visit our Terms of Service page.

*If you return a purchase, please remember that you can claim a rebate of up to $10 on your return shipping charge.  In fact, you can claim a return shipping rebate even if you didn’t make the original purchase through one of our links.

Earn10perCashBack_bottomWhen do I get my 10% cash back?

We total up all of your cash-back earnings in a calendar quarter (January 1-March 31, April 1-June 30, July 1-September 30, October 1-December 31), and we mail you a check for that quarterly amount at the beginning of the next quarter.  For instance, if you earn $117.82 in 10% cash back from October 1 through the end of December, you’ll receive a check from us in that amount on or around January 15.

In the meantime, you can track your 10% cash-back earnings — as well as your shipping, return shipping, and price protection rebates — via the “Savings Center” tab on our website.

We hope you make the most of our newly-improved 10% cash-back benefit.  If you have any questions as a member, please feel free to ask us via the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of any page or through the “Help” tab.  If you haven’t taken advantage of the opportunity to earn 10% cash back at over 1,000 popular online retailers, we invite you to try now.

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