How To Dress for Spring Using the Clothes You Already Have


Spring has (almost) sprung! Soon, the sun will shine bright, the birds will chirp and wearing a heavy jacket will no longer be necessary. Sure, spring fashion is characterized by pastel colors and lace detail, but if you’re not looking to spend money on a whole new wardrobe, how can you keep things trendy year after year?

There’s no need to panic…styling your basics to create an entirely new look is easy and fun. Even better, we’ll show you how to do it with clothes that are probably already in your closet. Take a look!


1. Pair a button down with a skirt.



2. Spice up a basic tank with patterns and a statement necklace.


Stylish Wife


3. Wear a blazer over a sundress for a more upscale look.


4. Roll the cuffs of your jeans and pair them with sandals or pumps.



5. Layer a sweater over a dress.


Daily Chic


6. Roll up the sleeves on your button downs and pair them with high-rise jeans.




7. Layer a strappy dress over a plain white tee.


Instagram @happilygrey


8. Drape your blazer or coat.




9. Tie up your t-shirts for a crop top look.


Darling Detail


10. Tuck your sweater into a pair of denim shorts.





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