Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Your Pet or the Pet Lover in Your Life

We know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start thinking about your holiday shopping. If you’re a smart and savvy shopper, you know it’s never too early!

Here at, we’re committed to helping you stretch your money as far as possible.  So in preparation for the upcoming holiday season, we’re offering a number of gift guides to help you save time, money, and sanity on your Christmas shopping.

Today we’re focusing on the pets and pet lovers in your life. Whether you’re picking something out for your favorite furry friend or for someone else who lives for their fur babies, we’ve picked out some excellent options from one of our favorite registered retailers, PetCareRx.HolidayGiftGuide_Pets

5 Holiday Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers Will Love

  1. ThunderShirt. Do you or a pet lover on your list have a pooch who struggles with anxiety? Treat their fears the natural way with the ThunderShirt for Dogs. This soft wrap vest provides a calming effect similar to gentle hugging. It’s a drug-free way to comfort and calm anxious pets. It comes in 5 different sizes to fit dogs from 8 pounds up to 64 pounds. Add a personal touch by having the dog’s name embroidered on it – for free. A useful and practical gift.
  1. Scratch Post. Protect furniture when you give your kitty a proper place to exercise those claws. The Lean On Me Scratch Post is the perfect solution. The post features a fashionable scratch pad made of natural jute and wide base, with no-skid rubber feet for increased stability. The dark taupe color matches any home décor. Catnip “reservoirs” at the top of the post tickle the cat’s sense of smell. A toy attachment on the side comes with a feather toy, but you can hang any of your cat’s favorite toys from it. A gift that both the pet and pet lover will appreciate.
  1. Leash. A good leash is a must for active dogs. The Remington Rope Slip Lead – 6 is recommended by professional trainers. This leash is ideal for dogs who are being trained to walk on a leash or larger dogs who may try to take control. It’s made of soft, braided nylon and features a leather slide that allows the collar portion to fit any size neck. Flexible, easy to carry, and sturdy enough to last for years, this leash offers owners a quick and gentle way to train any dog.
  1. Grooming Tool. Do you know a cat who loves to rub himself on everything? Take advantage of that instinct to reduce cat hair using the Kitty Korner Komber Groom ‘n Comb. This unique self-grooming aid can adhere to any surface, and the cat can groom himself whenever he pleases. Your kitty will enjoy how it feels; you’ll enjoy fewer cat hairs around your house and on your clothes. The specially designed grooming teeth and catnip will make your cat purr.
  1. Kong Toy. Do you know a dog who loves to play? Then he should get a kick out of the Kong Wobbler. The Kong brand is known for quality toys that stand the test of time and strength. This fun toy offers an entertaining wobble action and is shaped similar to smaller Kong toys. Constructed of FDA-approved, high-strength, durable plastic polymer, this isn’t just a toy, it’s also a food and treat dispenser — you can unscrew the top and fill it with your dog’s favorite food or treats. Watch as the treats are dispensed through a hole when your dog spins and rolls the toy. Dishwasher-safe and guaranteed to provide hours of tasty enjoyment.

Perfect Gifts for Pets at Reasonable Prices with

We know how much pets mean to many people, so we hope we’ve provided you with some ideas that will help you cross some fur babies off your holiday shopping list. The good news is that all of the gift ideas mentioned can be purchased from PetCareRx, a website that is part of our retailer network.

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Which of these gifts would be perfect for that lovable pet on your list? Whose pets are you shopping for this holiday season?

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