Holiday Gift Guide 2016: 10 Gifts for Every Oddball



There will always be at least one person in the family who simply wouldn’t enjoy the gift of a necklace, scarf or a new pair of shoes. Of course, we love and admire their unusual interests and strange hobbies, but when it comes to holiday shopping, finding the right gift for the odd one out can seem nearly impossible.

To make life a little easier for our loyal online shoppers, we scoured the web to find the perfect items for those who aren’t tempted by the average holiday gift. We’ve got your shopping stresses covered with the ultimate gift guide for every oddball on your list!


10 Gifts for Every Oddball


1. Two-Layer Union Suit

two-layer men's union suit from L.L. Bean

$69 |

Is there anything more perfect for an oddball on a brisk, holiday morning? Onesies themselves are a bit strange, especially how user-unfriendly it is to use the restroom while wearing one. But this cozy one-piece from L.L Bean will leave a delighted grin on your oddball’s face. Buy Now



2. DIY Robot Tissue Box

DIY Robot Tissue Box The Apollo Box

$30 |

Why not put a strange twist on a basic concept? This DIY robot from Apollo Box is both a tissue box and an odd addition to any room. Plus, you can build it yourself and set him up to stand in a handful of different poses, providing a hint of customization to fit any oddball’s liking. Buy Now



3. Rainbow LED Automatic Color-Changing Shower Head

Rainbow LED Automatic Color-Changing Shower Head

$49.95 |


It’s time for a solo dance party in the shower! This colorful LED shower head from HSN alternates between 7 different colors, which are activated by the water pressure. The lights combine with the water to create a truly unique experience. It’s time to say goodbye to boring showers. Buy Now



4. Hoberman Mini Sphere

hoberman mini sphere from jcpenney

$29.99 |

A perfect oddball game and gift! The Hoberman Mini Sphere at JCPenney is made from a mix of rainbow colors and uses geometry and engineering to smoothly expand and contract. It’s a classic keepsake for the older oddball and a great game and educational tool for the younger ones! Buy Now



5. Protein Cookies

Protein Cookie from my protein

$19.99 |

There’s something strange about combining dessert food with fitness, but these cookies from MyProtein are actually baked with over 50% protein content! They’re a uniquely odd alternative to protein bars and shakes and come in a bunch of delicious flavors like chocolate orange, double chocolate, chocolate mint and white chocolate almond. Yum! Buy Now



6. Epic Perplexus Puzzle

epic perplexus puzzle from blair

$19.99 |

This game puts a satisfying twist on your average puzzle. This 3-D maze from Blair will have you flipping and twisting in attempt to successfully lead the little ball to the finish line. It’s a great game for anyone looking to add a unique spin on their solving strategy. Buy Now



7. Pizza Snow Tube

pizza snow tube from urban outffiters

$26 |

A snow tube specifically for the pizza enthusiast? Why not mix your love for winter with your absolute favorite food? This vinyl snow tube from Urban Outfitters is perfect for any oddball, pizza-loving winter wanderer! Buy Now



8. Harry Potter Clue

harry potter clue from thinkgeek

$39.99 |

What’s weirder than mixing the game of Clue with a Harry Potter theme? This Hogwarts-inspired board game from ThinkGeek magically moves on its own, adding even more challenges to overcome throughout the game. with every board change, you’ll unveil hidden passages, special cards or unique die that will change your course and thought process every time! You can choose to play from a list of Harry Potter good guys like Harry, Ron, Hermoine and Ginny on the hunt to catch one of the bad guys like Peter Pettigrew, Draco and Lucius Malfoy! Buy Now



9. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 DLX Hoverboard



$559.99 |

This two-wheeler motorized hoverboard from Brookstone isn’t such an odd gift to give, but every oddball is guaranteed to enjoy the ride! You’ll need to perfect your balance first, but once you’ve mastered the steady stance, your oddball might just use this hoverboard as a primary method of transportation. Buy Now



10. Dat Boi Waddup T-Shirt

dat boi waddup t-shirt from hot topic

$14.63 |

There’s no secret explanation behind this Hot Topic t-shirt other than that it’s literally just a frog riding a unicycle. Oh, and he’s saying “wadduuuuup”. Let’s face it, there’s more than enough oddity involved here. Buy Now




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