Goldmine in Your Garbage: 3 Ways to Save Money with Compost Heaps

Treasure in your trash? It’s true. Before you throw away all of those fruit and vegetable leftovers, nut shells, coffee grounds, and grass clippings, you’ll want to check out how composting can save you money.

What is composting? For those unfamiliar, composting involves saving your biodegradable discards and setting them aside to slowly break down. Once that process has taken place over the course of months, the organic material commonly referred to as “black gold” by gardeners can be used to fertilize your plants.

Wondering what types of items can be added to your compost heap? Here’s a great list of What You Can and Cannot Compost.

In addition to benefiting the environment, composting can also benefit your budget.

3 Tips to Save Money by Composting

  1. Save on potting soil. If you love to garden, particularly in planters and containers, it can get expensive to purchase potting soil. Instead of buying soil, you can easily make your own by composting. It can take approximately 12-14 weeks for your compost to break down enough to be used as soil, but if you continually compost, you can always have some spare soil on hand.
  2. Save on fertilizer. When gardening, you can save money on fertilizer by adding your homemade compost to your garden and flower bed soil each planting season. The compost will benefit the soil, which will, in turn, feed your plants. Even if you do purchase fertilizer at some point, the compost will help the fertilizer to feed the plants better by holding onto the fertilizer nutrients until the plants require them.
  3. Save on water. Compost introduces air into your soil and can help your plants to retain water. Soil that is in better condition minimizes the times you will need to pull out the hose or get the sprinkler started. That means you may end up watering less and spending less on your water bill. Some gardeners make a compost tea that can be used to water plants instead of using fresh water. Helps You Save on Composting Needs

Not only can composting save you precious cash, using your membership will also save you big bucks. When you consider the benefits of a membership — FREE shipping, exclusive coupons and discounts, and 10% cash back — it just makes financial sense to sign up for and utilize your membership.

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Composting is a green and eco-friendly practice that not only helps to save the planet, but can save you green in the form of money. Don’t forget to pass these money-saving tips along to your family and friends!

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