Going Green: How to Save Money While Preparing your Lawn for Spring

The official start of spring is right around the corner (March 20, 2014, to be exact). Depending on where you are in the country, you might already be seeing the first signs of spring — daffodils popping up, trees starting to bud, and grass looking a little less yellow. Now is the time to start preparing your lawn for spring. We’re sharing tips to get your lawn looking green without spending a lot of green.

3 Thrifty Tips to Save Cash While Prepping Your Lawn for Spring

  1. Home is where the help is. You can easily hire a landscaping company to do a spring clean-up on your lawn, but it’s much cheaper to enlist the help of those in your own household. My spouse and kids have spent the last couple of weekends tackling spring clean-up in our yard. Doing the work yourself and having numerous people to help allows the work to get done quicker and more inexpensively. Using a rake, clean up any leaves, loose grass, weeds, garbage, and any other debris to allow grass to grow properly.
  2. Skip costly chemicals. If you have weeds in your lawn or on your property that you want to get rid of, you may consider using chemicals to rid your yard of them. Not only can these chemicals be dangerous to your household members, they can also be costly. Whenever possible, pull weeds by hand or using a tool instead of spraying chemicals to kill the weeds. If you must use a formula to kill weeds, consider spot-treating in specific areas rather than over the entire lawn.
  3. Determine your lawn’s nutritional needs. Instead of blindly fertilizing your lawn, it’s recommended that you test the soil to determine if it’s necessary. Testing the soil can also diagnose which nutrients your lawn lacks so that you can then fertilize strategically. Keep your fertilization efforts down to only once or twice per year. To save even more, you may consider developing your own compost using discarded household food waste and yard debris.

By doing the work yourself and limiting your use of lawn and garden supplies, you can prepare your lawn for spring without spending a fortune.

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