Getting More With Your Tax Refund at Walmart

Tax season is here. Have you done your yet?

Well, whether you’re still holding off, already submitted your return, or received your refund, now’s the time to start planning what to do with the money you get back.

: A Wise Way to Spend

Using your tax refund to make purchases is a great way to get those larger items you may not be able to afford at other times of the year. Since you’re using your own money, it’s a lot wiser than using credit to buy items you want or need. Consider it your annual bonus!

Wants to Stretch Your Refund

Walmart would like to say “Happy Tax Refundays!” by offering you low prices on a variety of products. These reduced prices are intended to help you stretch your income tax refund as far as possible. Walmart wants to make sure you get more for less!

Invest in Your Home

If you were waiting until after the holidays and tax season to improve your home, it’s a perfect time to get started on your CT_sideimage_TaxRefund_298x403goal. Walmart has practical essentials at low prices, including home improvement items like bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, humidifiers, and air conditioners. Using your tax refund to renovate your home is a smart way to make an additional investment in your property.

Enjoy Life’s Little Luxuries 

A tax refund offers you an excellent opportunity to buy some everyday luxuries that you can’t normally fit into your budget. Treat yourself to fashion accessories, electronics, or video games at Walmart’s everyday low prices. From TVs to jewelry to remote control vehicles, Walmart has the fun stuff at prices lower than competitors, due to rollbacks, reduced prices, special buys, and clearance discounts.

Why Pay for Shipping?

Want to stretch your tax return even further? When you spend your refund at Walmart, you’ll enjoy free shipping on orders of $50 or more. You can buy as much as you want without worrying about costly shipping charges — how’s that for getting the biggest bang for your buck?! Will Help You to Stretch Your Income All Year Long

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How much did you (or will you) get back for your income tax refund? What are you planning to spend your refund on?

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