Get in Shape for Spring: 3 Tips for Affordable Spring Workout Routines

Now that warmer weather and longer days are here, it’s got many people thinking about getting in shape. If you’ve been lounging around all winter and packing on the pounds, spring is a great time to shed the extra weight.

But instead of spending a fortune on health clubs, personal trainers, and costly equipment, we’re getting in shape the savvy way. Check out our 3 tips to exercising on the cheap.

3 Savvy Strategies for Affordable Spring Workout Routines  

  1. Buy exercise and sports equipment secondhand. Did you know that exercise equipment can be used for more than just working out? For many, their treadmill or exercise bike serves as a makeshift coat rack — that is, until they decide to get rid of it. 😉 People spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on exercise equipment with the intention of using it, but often their good intentions don’t last. You can save money when you need exercise or sports equipment by purchasing it used from thrift and consignment shops, estate and garage sales, Craig’s List and other local websites, or used exercise/sports equipment stores. We recently purchased a gently-used treadmill from Play It Again Sports for only $144.44 with tax.
  2. Work out to free music. If you’re motivated by music likemusic I am, it can be the ideal accompaniment to athletic activity, whether you prefer to jog, do aerobics, play sports, or bike. Skip the expense and still get plenty of good music to listen to with free online music services like Spotify (my personal fave!), I Heart Radio, Slacker Radio, and Pandora. I use Spotify on my computer and phone, and I can access my saved playlists from either device. You can search for songs or albums targeted to exercise or workout; dance mixes work well, too. You can also create and save your own unique workout playlists for future use. If you want to download music, look for websites that offer free MP3s, like and Jamendo.
  3. Take advantage of free and low-cost videos, routines, classes, and settings. Exercising can become an expensive endeavor. Trim the expense and take advantage of the many free or low-cost resources that are readily available. Look online for free exercise videos and exercise tutorials (video, print, or photo). Check out exercising shows on TV that provide a daily workout routine. Rent exercise videos from your local library, video store, or entertainment rental service, like Netflix.  Pick up cheap exercise videos at garage sales, dollar stores, or thrift stores. Look for free or low-cost opportunities for group exercise, including those hosted by your city and local YMCA. Instead of paying big money to work out at the local health club, consider using your home, a friend’s place, or the local park, gym, or community center.

It’s simple to get your body and budget in shape with so many easy and practical ways to save. But we’re not done yet. Supports Your Physical and Financial Health

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Why spend more when you’re ready to take your health and fitness to the next level?! Spring is an ideal time to start pursuing your goals to get in shape and be a better you. With so many ways to save, there’s no excuse to delay!

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