Find Paleo Staples Without Going Broke

Find Paleo Staples Without Going BrokeWhether you’ve been eating paleo for a while or you’re just getting started with your first Whole-30, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a strain on your checkbook. At its core, paleo diets focus on natural foods that are free from chemicals, preservatives, additives, and gluten. It features foods like coconut and almond flour, instead of white flour, as well as high-quality proteins like grass-feed beef and organic chicken. While these paleo ingredients can come with a higher price tag, you can save money by buying paleo staples online and in bulk.

Must-Haves for a Paleo Pantry

Keeping on track means having a well-stocked, paleo-friendly cupboard at all times. To keep the cost down, buy in bulk, and shop online for long shelf-life paleo staples like:
CT_sideimage_paleo_400x600• Coconut flour, coconut sugar, coconut oil, and coconut aminos
• Almond flour and almond butter
• Nutritional yeast
• Organic ghee
• Dried seaweed
• Raw nuts, including almonds and cashews
You can even buy some perishable proteins, such as organic, hormone-free chicken, grass-fed beef, nitrate-free/organic bacon, and wild-caught Alaskan salmon, online too.

How to Save Money on Paleo Items

Coconut sugar and flour are ideal ingredients for amazingly delicious paleo brownies — because who doesn’t need a treat once in a while? Unfortunately, the prices on paleo pantry staples like coconut flour or coconut sugar can be significantly higher than prices on processed items found throughout the typical grocery store aisles.
Good news: You can still have your paleo brownies without spending a fortune! Look to when it’s time to shop for all your paleo items — from helping you find the best deals on coconut flour and other baking necessities, to having raw nuts and fresh organic meats shipped directly to your door, and you’ll never pay shipping costs. helps you save by offering:
• Free shipping and return shipping on practically every order you place
• 10% cash back at over 1,000 popular stores
• Exclusive retailers’ coupons
• Price protection and instant price comparisons on over 100 million itemsCT_wideimage_paleo_600x100

Finding Affordable Paleo Items Online

Instead of wasting time running around town trying to find the cheapest paleo pantry ingredients and fresh foods, try shopping from home. From your computer, you can order what you want, quickly, easily, and without spending a fortune.
Shop vendors such as BJ’s Wholesale Club, Vons,, Farm Fresh Nuts, and even the Chicago Steak Company for all your paleo diet foods and pantry staples. Don’t forget to check for supplements at Vitamin World and VitaCost. Looking to upgrade your pets’ diets? You can save by shopping online for them as well with vendors such as Pet Food Direct and PetFlow.
Making the switch and then maintaining a paleo diet doesn’t have to affect your shopping budget. Save money and enjoy your paleo diet by shopping

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