Easy At-Home Science Experiments for You & the Kids!

Kids Science Experiment IdeasWith spring break around the corner we are sure you want to have fun with your children and keep it educational in the process. Science experiments are a fun and interesting way to inspire learning in your kids. Children love to learn in a hands-on way that’s exciting, so they love performing science experiments to test and prove hypotheses. But there’s no need to find a lab to get your science on—you can conduct many science experiments right in your own home! Check out these science experiments and plan to set aside some time with your kids this weekend or break:

Bring on the Science: 6 Easy At-Home Experiments to Try Out

  1. Taco Sauce Cleaner—Put all those excess Taco Bell sauce packets and pennies to use with this interesting experiment. You’ll test out whether taco sauce is useful for cleaning pennies and what ingredients do the trick to make pennies extra shiny.
  2. Remote Control Roller—Kids love to explore how static electricity works. All you need for this experiment is a soda can and balloon. Once you do the experiment, you’ll find the provided explanation helpful for discussing the science behind the experiment.
  3. Dissect a Disk—If you have a stash of floppy disks around your home that you never use, utilize them for a little computer science experiment. Pop a disk open, explore the contents, and discuss the various parts and what they do.
  4. Make Plastic Milk—Kids love anything with a little gross factor to it, so they should like this one. Your children will be allowed to play with their food as they take milk and turn into a moldable plastic that hardens.Dancing Raisins Science Experiment
  5. Dancing Raisins—No, we’re not talking about the singing and dancing “The California Raisins” from the 1980’s. You can see how actual raisins really dance when you drop some raisins into a cup of clear soda. Your kids will get a kick out of the movement.
  6. Color Changing Carnations—Teach your children how water is processed within plants with this oldie, but goodie. Buy some white carnations and food coloring and make your own carnations in various colors when you give this experiment a try.

Looking for more ideas of experiments to conduct with the kids? Check out this BuzzFeed article filled to the brim with fun options: 24 Kids’ Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy, Too.

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Science experiments are an excellent way to provide a hands-on learning experience for your little ones.

Which experiment is your favorite? Can you recommend some easy at-home experiments we should have included in this list? Please comment below and share your faves with us. Don’t forget to share this informative post with others.

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