Do Your Online Shopping Skills Make the Grade?

Do Your Online Shopping Skills Make the Grade?

At, we cater to online shoppers of all kinds — experts who instantly recognize the incredible savings we offer, newbies still learning how to get the best deals, and everyone in between.  Where do you rank on the online shoppers’ scale? Take our quiz below to find out!

  1. You get an email from your favorite store offering you 50% off for one day only, plus free shipping — woo-hoo! You immediately:
      A. Click straight through the email and start shopping! You gotta get the best items before they’re all snapped up.
      B. Search around online for extra coupons — that way, you can really enjoy the savings!
      C. Start shopping, coupons in hand, along with some extra perks you got by joining the store’s reward program.
  2. You find the perfect dress online for your best friend’s wedding in a few months, but it’s just a little too expensive for you, so you:
      A. Check back in a week to see if there’s a sale at the store
      New sales happen every few days, so one is bound to pop up eventually, right?
      B. Dig around online for a coupon — there has to be one out there somewhere to help bring the dress into your price range.
      C. Set up a price alert, and start looking for great coupons in the meantime. That way, you’ll know when the price drops and be ready to save even more — your favorite way to save time and money!
  3. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner! You prepare by:
      A. Making your holiday shopping list beforehand so you’re ready to hit the ground running once all those sales begin!
      B. Making a list of all the stores you plan to shop at, with their sales listed right next to them. Don’t want to miss anything!
      C. Tracking down as many coupons as you can so you can combine them with your list of sales that you want to shop. You have to make sure you really rack up the savings!
  4. You found a great TV for 60% off that would be perfect for your living room! Before you hit “Submit Order,” you:
      A. Celebrate knowing you just scored a great deal on a new TV!
      B. Make sure you’re getting free shipping! Just another way to save even more.
      C. Find a coupon for another store that has a better price on the same TV. Talk about a win-win — a great coupon AND a better price!
  5. Stores’ rewards programs are:
      A. A good idea, but you always forget to use yours (or even sign up sometimes)!
      B. Fun, but you’re only a member at the stores you shop at the most.
      C. Great! You’re a member of one at every store you’ve ever shopped at. You love racking up the points and taking advantage of them when the time is right.

Mostly A’s: C+ ShopperCT_sideimage_MakeTheGrade_C+ – When it comes to shopping online, you’re happy as long as you aren’t paying full price, C+ shopper! You enjoy saving money, but you also know exactly what you want. Because of this, you don’t spend a lot of time searching around online for better prices or coupons. As long as what you want is on sale, or you have a coupon, you’ll buy it. If saving money makes you happy, think about how much happier you’ll be saving even more! Next time you’re shopping online, take a look around for more coupons you can stack, and enjoy that item you’re purchasing even more.

Mostly B’s: B+ ShopperCT_sideimage_MakeTheGrade_B+ –  You love to save money when you shop online, and you’ve gotten pretty good at it, too! You know that even though an item is on sale, you can still get a better price by adding a coupon. Skills like that have earned you a B+! Saving a little more makes you feel awesome, especially because you’re getting an even better deal than the sale price. Good news: There’s even more savings to be had out there. Try out those great deal-hunting skills next time you shop online, and look for the same item at some other site for cheaper — imagine how great that will feel!

Mostly C’s: A+ ShopperCT_sideimage_MakeTheGrade_A+_400x400 – When it comes to online shopping, you know how to make sure you’re getting the best deal, which is why you deserve an A+. You love hunting for the best sales, coupons, or prices to practically guarantee you’re paying the best price out there. You think of saving money like a game; you love to watch the money stack up! When your friends compliment your purchases, you love to brag about how much you saved. Go ahead and continue bragging to your friends — you earned it!

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