Decorating on a Dime: Money-Saving Tips for Holiday Decorating

CT_wideimage_WithBlogTitle_decoratingtips_600x100There are so many expenses during the holiday season, it’s hard to keep up with them all. Between the gifts, food, activities, travel, and decorating, it can add up to an expensive month. But there’s one area where you can easily cut expenses — decorations. Instead of spending hundreds on decking your halls this holiday season, take a peek at our money-saving tips.

5 Tips for Saving on Holiday Decorating

  1. Use what you have. Before you rush out to buy new decorations, take an inventory of the items you have in storage that can be reused. With proper care, most holiday decorations can be used year after year. Check out those boxes and storage containers to see what you already have. For example, if you have an artificial Christmas tree packed away, you can save money by using that and just buying a few new ornaments to freshen it up. It’s a lot cheaper than starting from scratch.
  1. Shop the sales. During the holiday season, you’ll find sales galore on holiday décor. When you need to buy decorations and want to save, it just makes sense to take advantage of special sales. Check your email, local sales papers, websites, and shopping comparison apps to find out about these deals. Don’t forget about other discounts, too. I just bought a few holiday decorations at Kohl’s (one of our registered retailers) and, thanks to sales prices and discounts, paid only $10.64 for $61.68 worth of merchandise.
  1. Make your own. Some holiday decorations can be super expensive. It’s often cheaper to get crafty and make some of your own décor instead of buying it. Remember that simple can be beautiful, so no need to go all out and get too fancy. You can purchase a pre-made wreath at a craft store and glue berries, ornaments, pinecones, or bells to it. A few easy DIY holiday décor ideas: Faux Mantel Wall Hanging, Ceiling Medallion Wreath, Glittered Mason Jar Lanterns, and Life-Sized Wreath Snowman. Michael’s, one of our registered retailers, is a great resource for crafting supplies. I like to take the front of Christmas cards and frame them for a quick, straightforward holiday decoration.
  1. Buy gently used.CT_sideimage_decoratingtips_298x403 Instead of buying new holiday décor, consider purchasing used items from garage sales, thrift stores, consignment shops, and online shopping marketplaces. There are always people selling their previously used Christmas decorations, so it’s easy to find such items at a fraction of retail prices. Sometimes you can even find new items at these secondhand outlets.
  1. Set a budget. If you must purchase holiday decorations, set a budget of how much you can realistically afford to spend. You don’t want to sacrifice gifts, so it’s wise to limit your decoration budget. Once you see what items you already have, determine how much you can afford to spend on decorating your home for Christmas.

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Have you decorated your home for the holidays yet? How do you save on holiday décor?

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