Date Night at Home Made Simple

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time you should be thinking about planning a date. Whether you’re just getting to know someone or you’ve been married for years, regular dates are an important part of connecting and building your relationship with your significant other.

You may think of a date as having to involve a movie theatre, restaurant, or planned event, but that’s not true. You can easily have a right in your and/or your significant other’s home. Having a stay-at-home date night can save you time and money — and offer a more intimate bonding experience than running around town from one place to another. We’ve put together some of our favorite tips to make sure your at-home date night goes off without a hitch.

5 Tips for a Successful Date Night at Home

  1. Don’t just wing it. Just because you’re staying home does not mean it’s like any other night at home or that you should just fly by the seat of your pants. Treat it as a date night: Make plans ahead of time; arrange the appropriate activities; and make sure you have the necessary supplies on hand to put your plans in motion.
  1. Make arrangements for the kids. If you and/or your significant other have children, make it a special night without distractions by getting a babysitter. Otherwise, it’s too easy to let them become the focus or to feel agitated because you’re trying to be on a date AND take care of your children’s needs.
  1. CT_sideimage_HomeDate_298x403Turn electronics off. Technology is a great way to communicate with your significant other, but when it comes to date night, set the right mood by turning off your cell phone, computer, and any other digital electronics. Taking this step will provide a little peace and quiet — and show your partner that you want the evening to focus on the two of you.
  1. Be creative. To pull off a really fun, successful date night, think outside the box. What do you and your partner like to do? Are there activities that you both enjoy but haven’t gotten to do for awhile — or things you’ve never gotten a chance to do but always wanted to? Don’t confine the date to one room in the house or even just the interior. Use different spaces and even the great outdoors (roof, backyard, driveway, pool, etc.) to create a special date night at home.
  1. Don’t forget the food. Just as dates out often include a meal, remember to make dining arrangements for you and your love, whether that means take-out, delivery, or a home-cooked meal. If you’ll be whipping up your own food, make sure to have the required items on hand — including drinks and dessert! Items like fondue, nachos, and popcorn can make for fun date-night snacks.

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How often do you hold date nights at home? What’s your favorite stay-at-home date night activity?

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