15 Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for 2017

best clever halloween costumes for 2017

There’s nothing more exciting than planning your costume for Halloween. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in recent years, it’s that more often than not, less is more when it comes to dressing up to celebrate.

Who wants to spend over $100 on a single-use Halloween costume anyway? Of course, we’ve got your back with the best deals at your favorite Halloween retailers, but sometimes, a cleverly crafted DIY costume is just the ticket.

We’ve searched the web for the most clever DIY Halloween costumes and we’re extremely impressed with everyone’s creativity. Check out the list if you’re interested in being a copy cat (no, seriously – see number 14).


15 Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for 2017


1. Formal Apology

formal apology DIY clever halloween costume

Instagram.com (user: @sarahcrowe27)

Sorry not sorry. This costume is so sincere.


2. Taco Belle

This ensemble is so beautiful, like most tacos I know.


3. Kevin Bacon

We’re bacon on this costume being very, very popular this year.


4. Candy Rappers

candy rappers diy clever halloween costume

Instagram.com (user: @sans_bury)

Anyone else suddenly craving a bag of Eminems?


5. Social Butterflies

Networking is key.


6. Jon Snow White

You know nothing, Jon Snow White. But your costume is pretty awesome.


7. Spelling Bee

This costume is the bee’s knees.


8. American Horror Story

american horror story clever diy halloween costumes

Instagram.com (user: @reneeszostak)

Not sure if Goosebumps is considered a horror story but it definitely triggered most of my childhood nightmares.


9. Nickelback

nickelback clever diy halloween costume

Someday, somehow, Nickelback might make a comeback with this costume.


10. Dumbledora the Explorer

It’ll be tough to resist swiping this extremely wise costume.


11. Freudian Slip

freudian slip diy clever halloween costume

Instagram.com (user: @rachjaffe)

This is the blessed costume I’ve seen in a while.


12. Identity Theft

The only identity theft I’m totally fine with.


13. Silent Knight

There are no words.


14. Copy Cat

copy cat diy halloween costume

Instagram.com (user: @marthafriedner)

I have a feeling everyone will copy this costume.


15. Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper DIY Halloween costume

Instagram.com (user: @brother_forte)

And last but not least…the M.D. of Halloween.


The Best Deals on DIY Halloween Costumes this Year

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