Choose Your Own Deals — and Get 20% Cash Back Everywhere on July 15!

CT_sideimage_PrimeDay_400x600Every day is a good day for shopping online, but tomorrow seems special for some reason, doesn’t it? Some other retailer might be promising more deals than Black Friday, but we’ll do you one better. Tomorrow, July 15, is “Make Your Own Sale Day” at, where you’ll get 20% cash back on every purchase you make at our 1,000+ participating retailers!  (We were thinking of calling it “Really Prime Savings Day,” but that was just a little too spot-on, don’t you think?)

Our 20% cash-back offer also includes our exclusive, members-only retailer coupons, of course, not to mention free shipping, free return shipping on every purchase, our price protection guarantee, our instant price-comparison tool ….

At, there’s nothing we love more than helping you shop and save more, which is why we offer you 10% cash back at over 1,000 retailers year-round, plus all those other lovely, money-saving benefits. Tomorrow, though, 20% cash back is the rule — just log in, shop through us, and get double your cash back! (Not a subscriber yet? Don’t worry — it’s never too late to join in the fun: You can try today, and still enjoy the 20% cash back tomorrow!)

Who wants to keep waiting around for the next deal to see if it even appeals to you? Isn’t it a whole lot easier to just log on, shop at your favorite retailer, and watch the coupons and 20% cash back stack up? Plus, why let someone else decide where you shop? At, the web is your oyster! With over 1,000 retailers to choose from, you’re practically guaranteed to find exactly what you need (or, you know, just want) for a great price and enjoy 20% cash back and get so much more. (With that much cash back, you can shop ’til you drop and still set yourself up for a real Black Friday splurge!)

This special promotion is only around for 24 hours, so get your shopping lists together — and prepare to save big in 3 … 2 … 1 ….

Happy shopping, shopaholics!

Once you’re done shopping, be sure to come back and tell us where and how much you saved with your 20% cash back!


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