Bundle Up Your Home for Fall: 5 Strategies to Save Money by Weatherproofing

Weatherproofing_mainFall is a wonderful time of year, but it can mean falling temperatures and rising heating costs, as warm daytime temperatures give way to cool nights. Before the temperatures really drop, now is the best time to bundle up your home to prevent cold drafts and costly heating bills. Weatherproofing your home is an excellent way to stay warm and keep heating costs low.

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm for Fall and Beyond

  1. WeatherproofingCaulk_SideCaulk it up. Want to make sure all of those holes and cracks are sealed? Get a tube of clear caulk and a caulk gun. For a minimal investment, you can prevent chilly drafts and rising heating expenses. Make sure to fill in any cracks that may exist around windows, doors, electrical outlets, and light switch plates. Using some caulk is a cheaper alternative to replacing windows or doors.
  2. Wrap up those windows. Want to ensure that fall’s cool breezes do not invade your home? Seal up your windows using some clear plastic wrap and tape. You can use your own or buy a kit designed for this purpose. Just make sure that you’re done opening the windows for the season before sealing them up. Wrapping your windows can save you from having to replace them altogether.
  3. Weatherstripping is your friend. Even if you shut your front or back door, cold air may still be getting into your home. Weatherstripping can help to ensure a tight and snug fit around your doors and windows, thereby eliminating chilly drafts. If your doors and windows already feature weatherstripping, inspect to ensure it is in good shape and is creating an adequate seal. If your doors and/or windows lack weatherstripping or have old weatherstripping, you may want to install new weatherstripping to protect your home from the onslaught of cold weather. New weatherstripping can eliminate the need to replace older doors or windows.Weatherproofing_Furnace
  4. Service your furnace. So far, we’ve shared various other strategies to lower your heating costs, but one of the most important ways to save money on heating is by servicing your furnace. Having it looked at by a HVAC professional can ensure that your heating unit is running safely and efficiently. If you plan to do this yourself instead, don’t forget to change out the air filter and to vacuum out the unit to remove excess dirt. If you have a wood-burning stove or wood fireplace, you should consider having a professional come to properly clean out these units. Servicing these heating units can prevent the need for costly service or replacement down the road.
  5. Remove and/or cover A/C units. If you have window air conditioning units, you should remove them and close up the windows. If you have air conditioning units installed in your home’s walls, you should cover them up both on the inside and outside to prevent cold air from creeping in. This will save you money on heating, as well as protect your A/C units from potential damage due to freezing temperatures, snow, and ice.

Just by taking these simple steps, you can save hard-earned cash as cold weather approaches. Take some time to investigate problem areas in your home and resolve them to cash in on savings all fall long. It may take a little bit of work, but you’ll thank yourself for it later.

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There’s no need to fear fall when you’ve bundled up and prepared your home. Now you can enjoy all that the season has to offer! 😉

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