Black Friday Shopping Survival Guide

CT_wideimage_BlackFridaySurvival_600x100Thanksgiving is right around the corner, immediately followed by Black Friday. That’s the official start of the holiday shopping season and often provides the best deals of the season. Black Friday can also be the source of much stress, though, due to large crowds and long lines, so all of those excellent prices take a toll on savvy shoppers.

Don’t despair — we’ve assembled some great tips to help you get through Black Friday with maximum savings and minimum stress.

Before Black Friday

  • Write a list of items you’d like to shop for. Now is the time to write a list of the individuals you’ll be shopping for this holiday season, as well as some potential gift ideas for each person. That way, you’ll know what to be looking for as you shop the Black Friday sales. It also helps you avoid making unnecessary purchases just because items are on sale.
  • Search sales papers and websites. Before you step into a store or click “Purchase” on a website, you should check around to see what sales will be offered for Black Friday. If you’re searching for a specific item, you may find it on sale at various retailers. A little research can save you the most possible money. There are websites and mobile apps like and DealNews Black Friday app that can assist you in this planning process. Better yet, log in to, then use the search tool to compare prices on over 100 million items instantly!
  • Get your beauty rest. If you plan to step out early on Black Friday morning to catch the best deals, make sure you get some sleep the night before. Shopping can be a stressful process as it is, but it’s much more so when you get up at the crack of dawn, rush to stores, and wait in long lines. Good rest beforehand will help you shop with a clear mind and more patience.CT_sideimage_Blackfriday_298x403

On Black Friday

  • Rise and shine. Make sure to get up early on Black Friday, especially if you’ll be going to physical stores. Arriving early will help ensure that you’ll get the “early bird” and doorbuster deals while they last.
  • Eat breakfast. Make sure to eat a solid, nutritious breakfast before you head out to the sales. Eating will keep your energy up and annoyance level down.
  • Bring sales papers, cell phone, and your shopping list. You didn’t do all that research for nothing. Make sure to bring your sales papers and cell phone so you can check out all of those sales prices you want to take advantage of. Your holiday shopping list will keep you focused on the items you actually need to buy.
  • Shop in your pajamas. Over the past few years, online shopping has become a very popular way to take advantage of Black Friday deals without all the undesirable fuss that comes with going to local stores and malls. Get on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and get all the sale prices while wearing your pajamas. Is Your Secret Weapon for Savvy Black Friday Shopping

We hope we’ve provided you with some helpful tips for surviving and thriving this Black Friday. The craziest shopping day of the year can be a great time to snag some exceptional deals if you know how to capitalize on the sales.

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Will you be shopping on Black Friday? Who will you be shopping for? What specific items are you looking to save on?

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