Back-to-School Savvy: 3 Smart Strategies to Save Money at College

BacktoSchool_MainIs it back-to-school time already?! It sure is! If you’re a college student on a small budget, this can be a frustrating time of year. There are so many things to buy and so little money to spend! But it’s important to see this time for the learning experience that it is — preparation for future budget management and savvy spending later in life. Let us help you ease your financial burden a bit with some tips to save on back-to-college needs.

3 Smart and Savvy Strategies to Save on Back-to-School Needs

  1. BacktoSchool_middleShop around for textbooks. One of the biggest out-of-pocket college expenses can be textbooks for all of your various courses. Despite only being used for a semester at a time, these college textbooks can cost hundreds of dollars each. But there’s no need to pay more than you have to. There are plenty of ways to save on textbooks, including buying them used, renting them, getting digital copies, borrowing a friend’s, or buying them and selling them again after use. The key is to get creative in order to save serious coin!
  2. Bring your own furniture, or buy furniture secondhand. Need to furnish your dorm room or rental? Furniture can be a hefty expense, but there are ways to save on it. If you have furniture that you can bring from home, that’s the easiest way to keep costs low. If you must buy furnishings, check out garage and estate sales, along with thrift and consignment shops. Other resources to consider include eBay, Craig’s List, Freecyle, and local barter, exchange, and sales groups.
  3. Make your own meals. It can be costly to eat, whether at the school cafeteria, on-campus restaurants, or local area dining establishments. You can cut costs and calories by cooking your own meals whenever possible. Making your own food is normally cheaper than purchasing it out. Stock up on healthy and inexpensive snacks to carry around with you on campus. Look for sale prices, cut coupons, and buy in bulk when shopping for food. Cook meals in bulk, and freeze portions for easy eating in the future.

By planning ahead and thinking outside the box, it can be fairly easy to save money on college expenses. Need more help getting those textbooks for cheap? We have a couple of fantastic resources guaranteed to save you money. Will Keep Money in Your Pocket this School Year

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We hope that we have provided you with plenty of helpful ideas regarding how you can save as you head back to college! Do you know any other students who could use a helping hand when it comes to saving money? Be a pal, and share this blog post with them! 😉

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