10 Tips for Planning Your Bachelorette Party on a Budget

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Every gal wants her Bachelorette party to be one-of-a-kind event, one that she and her closest friends can remember forever. However, in today’s world, legendary nights and luxurious activities often come with ridiculously unfair price tags.

Who can afford to splurge on another unforgettable event when you’re already spending everything you have on tying the knot? The truth is, most people can’t, and if you’re struggling to plan a memorable bachelorette party on top of your dream wedding, you’re certainly not alone.

Luckily, sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the bachelorette party you really want. With some thought, planning and cost-efficient decisions, you can achieve the best bachelorette party you’ve ever attended and have it go down in history as your very own.

Ready to create an action-packed event you and your bridesmaids will love? Check out FreeShipping.com‘s top tips for cutting the costs of Bachelorette festivities:


Stay Local

Instead of booking a flight or taking a road trip to a far-away destination, hit the local bars and nearby hotspots instead. You’ll save all the extra money you would have spent on plane tickets, hotel rooms, transportation and other travel fees.

You can also make dinner at home instead of spending it on dinner at a fancy restaurant. Plus, using an app like Uber or Lyft to get you from place to place will certainly be a more budget-friendly expense.


Stay In

Ditch the “going out” portion of your bachelorette party altogether and plan a comfortable night in! You can play games, create a cheap at-home spa day and drink wine in your pajamas or loungewear. Pick out a few of your favorite movies to watch, make some homemade pizzas and you’ve got yourself an affordable yet awesome bachelorette party.


Plan the Event for One Night

Instead of spreading your bachelorette activities across an entire weekend, consolidate your plans into one, epic night. If you do end up going away, you’ll save big on the total cost of your hotel room and avoid spending money on breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and miscellaneous items across multiple days.


DIY As Much as You Can

DIY mimosa bar bachelorette party


When in doubt, do it yourself. DIYing your Bachelorette decorations, goodies and props is much more cost efficient than simply buying these items already made. Plus, it gives you the chance to really get creative! This DIY mimosa bar would be perfect for a night in or a pregame party at your house.


Throw a Jack and Jill House Party

Remember the great days in college when you’d drink cheap beer in someone’s basement without spending money on transportation, bar covers and pricey drinks? Why not bring the memories back and host your own ‘College’ party?

Combine your bachelorette festivities with the groom’s bachelor party plans and host a budget-friendly Jack and Jill get together at your house. Rack up some folding tables, hang some colorful Christmas lights, stock up on red solo cups and turn on the house music for a super inexpensive night of beer pong, dancing and remembering your college years.


Make the Most of Affordable Getaways

glamping bachelorette party


Instead of booking pricey hotel rooms, spa packages and committing to the cost of nightlife in a big city, take advantage of cheaper (or totally free) getaway options that allow for just as much fun. Consider a hiking trip, a summer picnic, a day at the beach or a weekend of glamping to cut the costs of your bachelorette expenses.


Extend the Invitation

Instead of keeping your bachelorette festivities exclusive to your bridal party, extend the invite to other close friends for an even bigger and better night.

Plus, the more people you bring along, the less you’ll spend on things like hotel rooms, party buses, VIP nightlife packages and more. Spreading the cost of each activity across a greater number of attendees can really decrease your overall spend, if planned correctly!

Enlist the Groomsmen as Designated Drivers

If you plan on staying local, or at least somewhat close to home, hire the groom and his groomsmen as designated drivers for the night. This is a cheap and easy way to get from place to place without spending money on a taxi, limo, party bus or car service.

If your groom also plans to keep his bachelor festivities close to home, you and the bridesmaids can return the favor and be the designated drivers for their special night. It’s all about keeping the balance, right?


Use the Right Booking Sites

With so many different sites out there for booking plane tickets, hotel rooms, rentals and activities, how can you be sure you’re getting the best deal? Even the sites that promise to compare prices don’t always offer the lowest prices anymore.

Take the time to do your research and check prices across multiple sites before making reservations. Check out sites like Hotel Tonight, Airbnb, and Trivago. Plus, Booking.com often lets you book your room without having to pay until you check in! That way, you can give yourself some time to save up for the special night.


Explore Off-Season Options and Cheaper Destinations

Cheap Bachelorette Party Destinations U.S


If you’re set on taking a trip for your Bachelorette party, you’ll need to think through when and where you want the event to take place.

Though popular for bachelorette parties, places like New York City, Miami, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles are amongst the most expensive travel destinations in the United States.

Seek out cheaper alternatives like Daytona, Memphis, Las Vegas or San Antonio. You’ll also want to consider seasonal popularity per destination. Prices tend to drop significantly during off-season travel times, so booking your trip within those dates is your best chance at snagging a great deal!

Pro Tip: Sites like Skiplagged and Skyscanner let you browse the cheapest airfare and search by any destination across flexible dates! Plus, you can set up price alerts and get notified when prices for your watched flights drop!


Save Even More Money on your Bachelorette Party

Whether your bachelorette event involves a weekend getaway or a night close to home, the FreeShipping.com team has your savings covered on everything from your outfit to your party decorations.

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