A Cheaper Way to Vacation: Save Money on Camping Trips

My family and I do not get away often, but at least half of the trips we take normally involve camping, whether as a lodging alternative, activity, or both. Not only is camping the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors and warmer weather, it is also a frugal way to take a family vacation. Lodging can be expensive, but camping significantly reduces that cost. We’re sharing some ways to keep costs low while camping.

3 Thrifty Tips to Save on Camping Trips

  1. Rough it. If you’re looking to save big, roughing it is the way to go. You normally have to pay for camping sites, but a primitive or back-country site is much cheaper than one with amenities. We once stayed at a campsite in the mountains that required a 25-mile drive across the national park to take a shower. Although not the most convenient, it provided a fun and memorable experience at a very reasonable cost.
  2. Go public instead of private. Instead of staying at more expensive private campsites, choose to camp at public facilities instead, including national and state parks. Their prices are designed to be reasonable for anyone to stay. Some parks may not charge an entrance fee and/or may offer free back-country camping for those willing to hike to their campsite.
  3. Use what you have. Instead of feeling the need to buy a whole bunch of pricey camping gear (you can easily spend hundreds!), use what you have in your home inventory instead. Bring food from your kitchen and pantry; blankets and comforters are great to use for cold nights or in lieu of sleeping bags; bed sheets can cover inflatable mattresses; towels can be used after swimming or showers or on the beach. Skip camp pillows, and bring the ones from your bed or couch instead. Plastic dinnerware and household pots and pans can be used instead of disposable plates and costly camp cookware.

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Going camping is one of the most fun parts of summertime, so we hope you will put the tips we provided above to good use. Make a memory with your family and friends while taking a vacation that fits your budget.

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