8 Great Ways to Save on Textbooks!

CT_wideimage_savetextbooks_600x100It’s time to start looking at your course lists and figuring out what books you need for this semester’s classes. Unfortunately, buying textbooks can be expensive. Good news, though — there are lots of ways to get cheap textbooks. Our friends at Textbooks.com offered us 8 great ways to save on your textbooks this year. At Textbooks.com, you can save up to 90% on textbooks — used, new, rental or digital— and enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders of $25 or more!*

Here are 8 great ways to save on textbooks this year:CT_sideimage_savetextbooks1_400x600

  1. Buy used. Everyone likes clean, crisp editions, but when you want to save on textbooks, buying used is the way to go. Like we mentioned earlier, Textbooks.com offers you up to 90% off — and also has the most used textbooks anywhere! Plus, someone else’s previous notes might help you succeed in class!
  2. Buy early. You know the saying, “The early bird gets the worm”? The same goes for used textbooks. A lot of students already know about the savings they can get from buying used, so if you want to save money with cheap textbooks, don’t waste any time because often the best books go fast!
  3. Look for Guaranteed Cash Back books. Many professors assign the same books, and Textbooks.com helps you take advantage of that fact. If you buy a book marked as “Guaranteed Cash Back” on Textbooks.com, you’re guaranteed to get 50% of the price you paid when you sell it back at the end of the semester! That’s like getting your books half-price -. Ka-ching!
  4. Look for free shipping and a good return policy. If you’re a FreeShipping.com subscriber, you don’t have to worry about shipping or return shipping charges, thanks to our shipping rebates and free returns via FedEx Ground®. (Sounds pretty sweet, huh? Give FreeShipping.com a try — risk-free for 7 days!) If you’re not a subscriber, make sure to look for sites that offer great shipping deals, like Textbooks.com. At Textbooks.com, qualifying orders ship free if you spend just $25 or more!*
  5. Go digital. eTextbooks are a great option, especially if you want to save even more — they can cost up to 60% less than a print version! They’re also easy to search when you want to look up a topic quickly; they’re accessible on your phone; you don’t have to lug all your books around; and they’re even interactive! In today’s digital age, eTextbooks can make a lot of sense — and save you a few dollars
  6. Sign up for an email list. Joining an email list offers you a lot of benefits: You can typically get immediate access to the latest money-saving offers and promotions. In joining Textbooks.com’s email list, you’ll also get reminders to sell back your books when the time comes! Plus, you’ll get exclusive content and blog stories about study tips, dorm life, and saving money.CT_wideimage_savetextbooks2_600x100
  7. Talk to your professor about previous editions. Newer isn’t always better (or needed). Some courses don’t make you buy the most recent edition of a textbook, so reach out to the teacher before classes start to find out if an older edition would be okay for the course. Bonus: It also gives you a chance to introduce yourself to the professor ahead of time!
  8. Look for textbook buyback programs or other ways to sell your books for cash. Want to make top dollar when you sell your textbooks? Take good care of them! Once the semester ends, you can look to sell your books back to the bookstore or Textbooks.com (which also buys books bought somewhere else). Textbooks.com will give you a quote that’s good for 30 days, along with a free pre-paid UPS label so you can ship your books to them for free. Imagine how great that extra cash will feel in your pocket at the end of the semester!

Getting ready to go back to school can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Looking for the best deals on textbooks? Check out Textbooks.com to save up to 90% on used, new and digital textbooks.

Buying cheap textbooks is a great way to find extra savings, which you can then use to help decorate your dorm room. Plus, if you join FreeShipping.com, you’ll be able to enjoy 10% cash back, free shipping and returns, price protection, and so much more!

Are you ready to head back to school?

*Excludes Marketplace and rental items.

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