8 Genius DIY Projects for Home Organization

Let’s face it: not all of us are organizational superstars.

You may have a “junk drawer” that you’ve given up on long ago and counter tops covered in bills, newspapers, phone chargers and other miscellaneous items that add to the chaos. It’s likely that at least once, you’ve misplaced something in your home and it was all directly related to your somewhat messy tendencies. But don’t be too hard on yourself, we’re only human. No worries.

When it comes to tidying up your home, the clutter itself can be enough to delay the task out of pure frustration. So, maybe all we need to solve the problem is a little time, dedication and creativity. Basically, there’s a hundred DIY projects out there for you to try on nearly every area of your home. So sit back, relax and get inspired by eight of our favorite DIY projects that are easy and perfect for the organizationally-challenged.


1. DIY Pantry Organization

With every item that needs a home in our kitchen, pantries are storage spaces that tend to get messy fast. With a little DIY education, you can transform your crowded and cluttered pantry into a neat and decorative place to keep all of your kitchen essentials! Replace commercial packaging with glass mason jars of different sizes and use stickers or small chalkboards as labels. You can use wicker baskets to organize daily meals for school and use the white space on your cabinet door for little notes of love and positivity! See the full project details here.


2. DIY Power Cord Labels

Nothing is more frustrating than a tangled mess of power cords, especially when they all look entirely to similar. This cute and super easy organizational hack will help differentiate your cords, making it an easy task to grab and remove them when necessary. See the full project details here.


3. DIY Mason Jar Organization

Mason jars have unlimited potential when it comes to DIY projects for decor and organization. You can create this simple yet elegant bathroom organizer for all of your toiletry essentials and get rid of the clutter that’s invaded your precious counter space. Fill the mason jars with cotton bolls, hair ties, makeup, nail polish or whatever else you’d like! See the full project details here.


4. DIY Craft Peg Board

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, your home probably has a place for all of your go-to craft supplies. Placing your scissors, tapes, glues, and sewing needs into one, giant drawer is never an effective way to organize, but this easy peg board can make your crafting life easier by cleaning up your space and categorizing your supplies by use! See the full project details here.


5. DIY Mason Jar Laundry Soap Containers

It’s safe to say there’s nothing decorative about laundry detergent bottles. Fancy up your laundry space with these mason jar soap dispensers and chalkboard tags. Use the miniature chalkboards to label each jar according to its contents and skip out on the messy task of pouring detergent! See the full project details here.


6. DIY Chicken Wire Jewelry Holder

Who knew chicken wire could be so elegant? This DIY stand-alone organizer can help avoid tangled jewelry and acts as a colorful display of your beloved accessories. You can paint the edges any color you’d like or try out a chevron or checkered pattern for a more customized look! See the full project details here.


7. DIY Kitchen Command Center

The kitchen is a wonderful place to optimize productivity, organize bills and stay true to your routine schedule. Do away with piles of old mail on your counter tops and excessive sticky notes on the fridge by creating a customized command center with just a few items to stay on task, schedule your to-dos and set reminders for the week! See the full project details here.


8. DIY Cereal Box Desk Organizer

It sounds strange, but you can use your fruit loops for more than just a tasty breakfast. Use empty cereal boxes to create an extremely low-cost solution for desktop organization! Cover your organizer in fabric or matte gift wrap of any color, design or pattern you’d like. See the full project details here.


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