7 Things All Moms Need to Do for National Lazy Moms Day


September 2nd marks the very day where we recognize (on a national level, apparently) a day for moms that lacks motivation, productivity, and basically all obligations to, well, everything.

That’s right, is legitimate and every mom needs to celebrate in the laziest way possible. You have 364 other days to do all of the regular supermom things you do. You rock, so let’s take it easy for once.

We’ve taken the time to plan out your agenda for today. As a favor to us, please joyfully indulge in 24 hours of doing absolutely nothing. If you’re not taking full advantage of this day, we’re going to be a little disappointed.

Here are the 7 things every hard-working mom needs to do on this nationally lazy day. Have a blast!


1. Sleep In

Woman sleeping in on national lazy moms day

First thing’s first: you must “forget” to set your alarm clock this morning. If you’re going to do today the right way, you really need to commit. Ignore all sounds that might wake you up and alert you to get out of bed. You’re not doing that today.


2. Enlist another family member to bring you breakfast in bed


It isn’t as official as Mother’s Day, but today is still all about  you. You’ve dedicated your spare time and countless hours to making life really great for the kids. Perhaps all you need in return is some homemade pancakes  – with a little help from an older individual. only because the stove is involved.


3. Set up a sanctuary


Gather every blanket and pillow in your house and throw them into one, giant pile of heaven on your living room couch. There’s no room for being uncomfortable on your lazy day. You must use this opportunity to stay in your sweatpants and literally roll yourself up in a bundle of soft, fluffy blankets. Trust me, you don’t need your arms. You won’t be using them much today.


4. Begin your day of “binge-watching”


Turn the TV and initiate your day-long Netflix marathon by catching up on House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy or The Walking Dead. You won’t have this much free time again for a while, so use it wisely.


5. Order delivery


Today, you’re going to be too lazy to get in your car and drive to pick up lunch, let alone make anything for yourself at home. Order delivery from a local pizza place because you definitely deserve it. Also, look at this pizza.


…and this one…just look at it.



6. Recover from your food coma


It’s likely that you’ll eat a little too much. After all, you did just order a large pizza to yourself. It’s time to ease your incredibly full tummy by…..taking a nap. It seems like now’s an appropriate time for that, right?


7. Treat yourself to something nice on FreeShipping.com

Girl On Laptop 3

Yep, you deserve to splurge. After all, spending is much more acceptable when you can earn double the cash back for Labor Day Weekend with FreeShipping.com. How convenient is it that on your special day to be lazy you can also earn double the savings through online shopping?

So, from all of us in the office this morning, we truly hope you make the most of a day created solely to compensate for all of your wonderful, daily mom efforts. Keep a smile on your face, the remote in your hand and the pizza parlor’s phone number handy.


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