6 Smart Tips to Save on Back-to-School Clothes Shopping

It’s scary to think about, but back-to-school sales are starting up, and it’s time to start planning what your kids will wear during the school year. Although it’s not necessary to purchase a completely new wardrobe for your kids, you may want to add a few new items to the rotation. We’ve gathered together some of our favorite ways to save on back-to-school clothes shopping. We hope they’ll come in handy for you.

6 Tips to Save on Back to School Clothes Shopping

  1. Check your inventory. Before you head to the store or start your online search, take some time to see what you have already have. This can prevent you from buying clothes that your kids don’t need. It can also help you to know which clothes they’ve outgrown, so you can purchase larger sizes.
  1. Hold off on purchases. For the first month or two of school, your kids can probably continue to wear their summer clothing. You can spend that time reviewing what items you have for fall and purchasing what is needed. No need to drop a whole bunch of money now for clothes they may not need for a few months.
  1. Consider used clothing. Why buy new when you can slash your costs buying gently-used? Consider purchasing clothes from your local thrift store, consignment shop, eBay, or other used-clothing retailer. The savings will be dramatic, and oftentimes you can find the brand names you love at significantly less.
  1. Take a tax-free holiday. Does your state take a holiday from state tax to allow parents to save a little on back-to-school purchases? If so, you should definitely take advantage of these few days each year to rack up savings. Check this handy calendar to find out if and when your state participates.
  1. Sell used clothes. Have clothes that no longer fit your child(ren) or that they don’t want to wear anymore? If you have gently-used clothing that you’re no longer using, you can sell them to help pay for new clothes. Your local thrift store, consignment shops, local Facebook selling groups, or online websites like eBay are great resources to sell used clothing for cash or store credit.
  1. Clothing swap, anyone? If you have family, friends, or church members with kids, you may want to hold a clothing swap so you can get clothing in larger sizes or just something fresh for the new school year.

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