6 Slick Strategies to Save Money on Back-to-School Supplies

6 Slick Strategies to Save Money on Back To School SuppliesThe back-to-school frenzy is officially here! School-supply shopping lists are prominently featured in stores and mailboxes around the country. The back-to-school shopping season can be an expensive time of year when you consider the school supplies, backpacks, books, sports and music equipment, clothes, and lunches that must be purchased. But don’t worry — we’ve got your back with the best place and ways to save big on school supplies for your kids.

6 Clever Tips for Back-to-School Supply Savings 

  1. Check your inventory. Sometimes you buy school supplies that don’t get used. Or maybe you bought some supplies on sale or clearance throughout the school year. Gently-used items, like binders, backpacks, folders, or pencil bags/boxes, may be reused. Before you let your legs or fingers do the shopping, make sure to take a look around your house (including your home office) to see what supplies you might already have.
  2. Wait for a tax-free holiday. Does your state take a holiday from state taxes to allow parents to save a little on back-to-school needs? If so, you should definitely take advantage of these few days each year to rack up savings. Check out the calendar to find out if and when your state participates.
  3. Take advantage of sales, discounts, and coupons. Back-to-school season means plenty of ways to save, including retailer sales, discounts for buying larger quantities, and coupons. Before you purchase any school supplies, take some time to research which retailers can offer the best prices. Check out the local newspaper, mailbox circulars, and websites to compare costs. Staples has some great prices worth mentioning, like the Crayola® Crayons, 64-Count Box for only $3.00Lexar 16GB JumpDrive for only $19.99, and Texas Instruments® Scientific Calculator for only $10.99. You can save even more when you sign up for the free Staples Rewards program, which offers you up to 5% in rewards back on purchases.
  4. Look for back-to-school events. Local events held by school districts, stores, and charities may offer the opportunity for free school supplies, particularly to those in need. Check your local newspaper, Facebook, church, community center, and with your family and friends to find out what back-to-school events will be taking place in your area.
  5. Shop your school’s supply list. Although back-to-school supplies are generally pretty similar, there may be some variance when it comes to what certain schools or even particular teachers require. Instead of relying on your own memory or a generic school-supply list, make sure you obtain a copy of your particular school’s list before you shop. Some schools even wait until after the first day of school to provide kids with a list from each individual teacher. Sticking to the list can help you to avoid purchasing unnecessary or incorrect items.
  6. Shop the basics; skip the excess. There are a lot of fun and cool designs when it comes to school supplies. The problem is that all of the extra colors, designs, and features come at an extra cost. Instead of purchasing school supplies featuring your kids’ favorite cartoon character or celebrity, it’s cheaper to stick with solid colors. If your kids must have something fancy to take to school, allow them each to choose one item.

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