6 Reasons to Make the Eve Mattress Your Sleep Solution


As much as we love shopping, we’ll gladly admit that endlessly searching for a new mattress can often take the fun out of retail therapy.

With far too many options that vary by hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in price, it’s tough to tell whether you’re getting a good deal or overpaying on a mattress that’s only mediocre.

To help ease the pain of browsing, comparing prices and weeding through pages of product reviews, we’d like to let our readers in on a solution that’s affordable, comfortable, and safe. Introducing, the eve mattress.


Not only is this mattress made out of premium memory foam, it has multiple layers designed specifically for comfort, coolness and long-term durability. On top of that, the price is reasonable, the quality is guaranteed and you can even try it for free before deciding to keep it for good.

Sleep, shopping and saving are three things the FreeShipping.com team can really appreciate, and we’re loving everything the eve mattress has to offer. Here’s why we think the eve is a great option for anyone who struggles to balance affordability with quality.


1. You’ll get an awesome night’s sleep


The eve mattress is made out of three memory foam layers, all of which are specifically optimized for comfort. The foam is designed to form to your body, relieve pressure points and encourage smooth and wakeless movement while you sleep. It even has a 1.5 inch layer designed solely for cooling and breathability.

So what does this mean? You can say goodbye to restlessness, back pain, overheating and the discomfort of sleeping on a surface that’s either too soft or too firm. The eve mattress is all about you.


2. Your decision is easy: one mattress fits all


No need to research or compare products. Eve offers one mattress. That’s all. Subtract the pushy salespeople who tell you the most expensive mattress just happens to be the best one for you – Eve designed one, high-quality, well-crafted mattress at a price you can’t ignore.


3. You’ll love the pillows just as much


Your pillow has the power to make or break a good night’s sleep. Since there’s nothing quite as heavenly as memory foam, Eve made a pillow that provides your neck just as much comfort as the mattress does your body. It’s equally as supportive as it is cushioned and when you combine it with the comfort of the mattress, you’ll have no problem getting a fresh start to every day.


4. You’ll get quality that’s tried and true


The eve mattress has been tested with an industrial “rolling” machine that simulates a decade of use. Results showed that after 10 years of normal wear, the eve would indent an average of only 2mm. That’s 90% less than what the indentation would be for a premium spring mattress.

Even better, if the eve doesn’t live up to its 10-year promise, you’ll get to exchange it for a brand new one.


5. You’ll avoid breaking the bank


Ordinarily, it’s safe to assume a good night’s sleep comes with a hefty price to pay, but you can get the eve mattress for as low as $499. Or, you can agree to an interest-free payment plan for just $83 a month. Whichever you choose, you won’t have to give up quality for a price you can afford. With the eve, you get the best of both worlds.


6. You can try it before you buy it


When you pay for your eve up front, you’ll be given a 100-night home trial. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, eve will arrange to have it picked up for free and you’ll receive a full refund. Though 95% of customers decide to keep the eve past their trial period, it’s 100 percent risk-free if you’re not completely satisfied – as if you needed another reason to love this mattress.

If you’re still feeling skeptical, check out what eve’s customers have said here.


*this post is sponsored by eve mattress


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