50 Legitimate Reasons to Online Shop Today and Every Day

Online shopping is a versatile wonder that everyone needs to take advantage of on a regular basis. I get to skip out on the nightmare that is a mall? I get to buy anything I want from my couch while watching The Real Housewives and eating Chex Mix? Yes Please!

When it comes to online shopping, it doesn’t usually take a whole lot of effort to convince us we “need” something new, thus justifying our spending on certain things we really “like”. We’ve all experienced the horror of adding everything we want to our shopping cart, seeing the total price of it all and then quickly closing out of our browser frightened by what we almost just did.

So yes, maybe some of us need to take an online shopping safety course, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid it altogether. A word of advice: online shopping is always a good idea.

Still not convinced? Look no further. Just scroll through our list of 50 reasons why you should online shop today. Or any other day for that matter. Enjoy.


1. There are too many empty hangers in your closet. It just doesn’t look right.

2. The new trends this Spring are far different than the ones last Spring, and you obviously need to stay relevant in the fashion world.

3. Your everyday handbag is still the same one you used for the winter months and you’re suspicious that people are starting to notice.

4. You left your favorite pair of sunglasses at the bar last weekend. It’s time for a new pair.

CT_sideimage_50reasons5. You didn’t leave your sunglasses at the bar, but you realized Ray Ban has the most beautiful color options for customized lenses and you can’t resist.

6. You worked out this morning. You deserve a reward.

7. You didn’t work out this morning, so now you need a reward to feel better about yourself.

8. You just entered the FreeShipping.com giveaway and you strongly believe you’ll win the $100 AMEX gift card.

9. Your go-to tank top is over-worn and you need it in at least 5 more colors.

10. Victoria’s Secret will stop selling swimwear after this year. It’s crucial that you stock up now.

11. You’re feeling like you wear too much black and maybe you should work some other colors into your wardrobe.

12. You’re feeling like you wear too much black but you’ll never change and you need to buy even more black clothing to fit your lifestyle.

13. The soles of your favorite flip flops are peeling from that outdoor concert you went to last Summer.

14. You just got your pay check and you’re looking to splurge.

15. You didn’t just get your pay check, but what are you saving up for, anyway?

16. You saw a girl wearing boyfriend jeans and converse, so now you want boyfriend jeans and converse.

17. You’ve never owned a Michael Kors watch and you’re wondering if that’s even legal in girl world.

18. Free People has every dress and romper you could ever want to wear for the summer season. You’re going to need all of them.

19. You just cleaned out your closet and ended up with 10 full garbage bags ready to be donated to charity. You did good, kid.

20. You’re still wearing your winter Uggs and you probably shouldn’t be.

21. You just got your hair done. You need to make an all-around statement.

22. You’ve got a hot date this weekend and you’ll need to look fierce.

23. Your hot date is with your couch and Chinese take out but you’ll need the proper lounge wear to fully embrace the experience.

24. Ever feel like you need a new signature smell? Yeah. You’re feeling that way right now.

25. Graphic tanks are in and you don’t have any to back up your up-to-date fashion sense.

26. You’re thinking about how many shoes there are in the retail world and it’s actually overwhelming.

27. Your ex is in town and you’ll need to look amazing if you happen to cross paths.

28. Your ex isn’t in town but will definitely see your Instagram posts this weekend and you’ll still need to look amazing.

29. The mall makes you anxious and you have a meaningful, loving relationship with your laptop anyway.CT_sideimage_50reasons_3

30. ASOS only exists online, and ASOS is life.

31. You plan to pick up a scratch lotto ticket later and you’re anticipating a big win. You can just feel it. A splurge is necessary.

32. You feel like your business casual attire is slacking and it’s possible that everyone at work knows it, too.

33. You still haven’t spent any of your tax return money…hint, hint…

34. You recently dropped your bronzer on the floor and it smashed into a million beige-toned pieces, an experience that nearly led to tears.

34.5 Also, your eyeliner pencil has dulled to the point of no resurrection and it’s definitely time to step up your makeup game.

35. You just found out that Cotton On was added to FreeShipping.com and it’s the best news you’ve heard in a while.

36. You just got a pedicure and a new pair of gladiator sandals would compliment your nails excellently.

37. You just got a manicure and you’ll need a new ring (or three) to really complete the dolled-up look.

38. You’re getting sick of your phone/tablet case and you deserve some cuter tech accessories.

39. You stumbled across this list of amazing books to read and even though you hate reading, you’ll need to buy all of them.

40. Memorial Day Weekend is approaching sooner than expected and you need to start planning your patriotic outfit right now.

41. Macy’s pretty much always has a deal that you can benefit from so you should continue to take advantage whenever you can.

42. You haven’t treated yourself to a shopping spree in a while and you’ve been working really hard.

43. You recently treated yourself to a shopping spree, but it made you so happy that you’re seriously considering another.

44. You had a dream last night that you bought a whole new wardrobe and now the reality of it is haunting you.

45. You’ve been using your everyday handbag as your “going out” handbag and that just can’t happen any longer.

46. You enjoy coming home to a package sitting on your doorstep just as much as you enjoy waking up on Christmas morning.

47. You’re planning a weekend getaway with your friends and shopping beforehand is always a requirement.

48. The ocean is calling your name so you’ll need to freshen up on all of your 2016 beach accessories.

49. You’re a FreeShipping.com member so you get 10% cash back on purchases, shipping rebates, price protection and exclusive coupons when you shop on the site.

50. You weren’t tempted by any of the above reasons but you took the time to read this list in its entirety and now you’re pretty much obligated to buy yourself something nice.

Classical-prep.tumblr.com | via tumblr.com

Classical-prep.tumblr.com | via tumblr.com



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